Last Thursday, September 23, it was celebrated in the National Golf Center (Madrid) the third edition of the awards Tech & Programmatic Awards organized by Skiller Academy, business school specialized in technology, data, HRTech and ProcureTech together with Programmatic Spain, digital media of national reference on the current situation in the sector of media monetization and advertising.

The ceremony was presented and started by the producer and film director Michelangelo Tobias (producer of Spanish in the World) together with Carlos Rojas Member of the Congress of Deputies of Spain and Fernando de Pablo Martin – General Director of the Digital Office of the city of Madrid.

We could not fail to mention Juan Antonio, partner and standard bearer of Skiller Academy and Mario torija founder of Programmatic Spain, two professionals in the sector whose support to the programmatic industry both in training, HR and outreach are incalculable and cannot go unnoticed.

Global vision of the diners and guests of the event, winners, special guests and jury during the gala

One of the objectives of these awards is preserve and support human talent that leads the new technologies in terms of advertising and media, audience management and advertising investment.

What is programmatic?

Promoting clarity, transparency and good work among the programmatic is important Since, due to ignorance, most advertisers, among so many e-commerce, are unaware of the possibilities that programmatic can bring to them in their advertising strategies and therefore the management of their advertising investment budgets.

Programmatics is not a sector so far where knowledge and training are democratized since the experience that professionals acquire comes from the own step in media or advertising budgets (often high).

For this reason, this type of initiative takes a special role, as does the Skiller Academy, which together with the IAB seek to offer clarity and transparency through training.

Programmatic is often discarded due to the preconceived thought of having to allocate high budgets, due to the lack of qualified or experienced professionals in the sector (even in the agencies themselves) and due to the incorrect location of this channel and action in the Sales Funnel Canvas.

The key is to understand that through automated processes, in real time and through a bidding and auction system e-commerce and advertisers can reach and access audiences, regardless of the environment in which they are.

Juan Antonio (COO & Programmatic at Alayans, partner at Skiller Academy and promoter of the awards) giving a speech at the gala.

It is precisely in these awards that professionals in programmatic audience optimization in the media are recognized, thus supporting the person behind the technology.

Yield Programmatic category (media campaign performance and optimization)

Among the categories, there is the Yield Programmatic (Media Performance) that basically rewards the optimization and performance of monetization in media apps or any digital asset.

Awarded in the Yield Programmatic category. In the center the winners from left to right Juan Carlos Cervera and Prisca Dumas. At the extremes from left to right Felix Hernando Mestre Country Sales Manager at Vidoomy and Manuel Perpiñan Aguilar CEO at Placebo.

It is on this podium, shared with Juan Carlos Cervera, where Prisca Dumas has won the Silver award.

Prisca is a young Valencian whose talent has been catapulted from the group Artvisual where are the important Zeus Smart Visual Data and Sesametime Startups in scale up phase.

Specifically, Prisca Dumas, an engineer in business-oriented programmatics and specialized in the monetization of digital assets, grows in the publishing group Summonpress (second company by group seniority) 8 years ago, portals recently acquired by Value Zone appraised at 5.5 million last April 2021.

It has its own group of author blogs TÅLAMOH where it protects the most personal, authentic and quality content, providing them with the shelter and attention that this small, more unprotected group in the digital monetization sector needs. A most romantic project in the sometimes hostile advertising industry.

Once again we reinforce the idea of ​​the impact on your audience by qualified audiences by changing the paradigm of digital content.

Prisca Dumas (right) analyzing data in Zeus Smart Visual Data with Lázaro Royo López CRO in Zeus Smart Visual Data.

Quality training in Valencia

Prisca Dumas has forged her training in two of the main universities in Valencia, La polytechnic university of Valencia and University UCH CEU Cardenal Herrera to later outline their technical and specific training in the IAB and Skiller Academy.

He is currently teaching his knowledge at the renowned business school IEM Business School, Uxer School, Sales Funnel Canvas or in the IAB itself.

Proof of this, Prisca Dumas shares a table this evening with the important agencies Dentsu International, IM + C Media Agency and entities like BBVA and Prisa to end up conquering the jury.

It is thus a benchmark in the sector of programmatic, monetization and management of business-oriented data, imposing Valencian talent in technology at a national and international level.

Featured companies at the event

We must not fail to mention important agents of the sector present at the evening such as Dentsu International, Vidoomy, IM + C Agencia de Medios, Grupo Prisa, BBVA, Smart +, Placebo, Pubmatic, S4M, Atomik, Smartme, Live Ramp, JCDecaux, Tappx and . Delivery Media.

Other special awards of the night

Special award in innovation in Blockchain went to “Writers of the Future” from Frit Ravich. The first digital marketing action with Blockchain technology by IM + C collected by Raul Gilabert Alonso.

Award in technology applied to urban mobility (Urban Tech), went to Shay Eliahu from Lanez Ltd.


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