Journalist from El Chiringuito asks why Iñigo Martínez is not there when Athletic needs him

Journalist from El Chiringuito asks why Iñigo Martínez is not there when Athletic needs him

We are in a decisive week for the interests of the athleticzale team and from the Pedrerol program they are very attentive

The beach bar has the Athletic as one of the teams where to promote their controversial debates. Two of his gatherings, Nico Rodríguez and Edu Velasco, have the mission of defending the colors of Athletic whatever the situation. In this case, with Athletic – Real Madrid on the horizon, with even more reason.

We come from a very controversial derby, in which Real Sociedad, who was superior by game, ended up decanting the match for a more than controversial penalty and expulsion. In it beach barone of the defenders of Athletic, He spoke of an arbitration scandal.

Iñigo Martínez receives a call from Real Madrid

The Chiringuito finds another controversy in Athletic

The expulsion was quite unfair, but, after all, nobody expected that the sanction would be lifted. This Wednesday the committee has turned a deaf ear to the Athletic appeal. Yeray will be low next Saturday. And it is in this scenario where El Chiringuito sees another great controversy to be brought out in Athletic.

Because under normal conditions, Iñigo Martínez and Vivian is a couple with full guarantees to face the game against Ancelotti’s men. What happens to Iñigo Martínez? It is the next question that each other asks. It gives the feeling that the supposed physical discomfort hides something else.

What happens with Iñigo Martínez?

Because we have already said actively and passively that Iñigo Martínez has not wanted to renew his contract. From El Chiringuito they wonder what is happening with the Athletic defender. After the World Cup, he did not play in Sestao. Yes he was called up but he saw it from the bench.

In the next clash, in the league, Iñigo was not there either. Valverde admitted that it was a technical decision. From then on, some alleged nuisances left him out. And to this day he is out against Real Madrid, just now that a central defender is urgently needed. We’ll see how this situation ends. But it’s not the first time football that a player who does not renew disappears…


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