Josete: “The sanction to Öncü has made him reflect”

Deniz Öncü is back at the World Cup. The Turkish rider missed the Misano 2 and Portimao 2 races due to a penalty, the result of the race he organized in Austin, where Alcoba, Acosta and Migno crashed because of him. It was an exemplary punishment imposed by the Panel of Commissioners led by Spencer and well received by the World Cup caravan, because it was necessary to stop the feet of the youngest riders, but nevertheless it has not had continuity with Darryn Binder’s rampage in the last return from Portimao. There he threw Foggia and Garcia, in addition to going to the ground. He was able to resume the march and finish the race, and the sanction that fell on him was the disqualification of that race in which he crossed the finish line outside the points. A useless sanction in every rule.

In the box of the KTM Tech 3 of the Turkish pilot prefer not to tear their clothes entering comparisons and speaking with Josete Ruiz, Öncü’s technician, assures that “Deniz has come with a lot of desire. He has a little doubt, because he still does not have the full confidence to release the brake and gas. He lacks that little bit, but he comes in very good spirits and very positive. I expected slower. “

On the effect the two-race penalty has had on his driver, he says: “Sanctions are always worth it, because they make you think. I guess he’ll think a little more now, but they can’t be obsessed either. You have to get on a motorcycle at two hundred and something to understand that everything happens quickly and that, in a moment, you make a mistake that you do not realize or expect, because you are calculating a thousand things. Yes it is true that this has made him reflect. When it comes to making a maneuver like the one Binder did the other day, he will think more about it, because we have already stressed to him that, when making a decision, if there is a doubt, we do not take it. When in doubt, step back. That is our plan. If there is a gap and he can enter, let him enter, but if it is a meter away that he does not enter, we will stay and continue the return “.

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And about the little sanction for Binder: “We don’t stop to think if Binder has been sanctioned more or less. We have had one such sanction and we do not value the other. They have made a decision for a reason and that’s it, because we have to focus on our career. We do not let that influence us, although it is true that what the pilots say is that they do not understand the conditions, because once it is one way and other times it is another. There are people who wait and are not penalized. It depends on the day they do one thing or another. It is not a fixed criterion. “

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