Joseph Palacios of “Los Teenagers” launches bachata production

With a career that has led him to perform on major stages around the world, the Venezuelan singer Joseph Palacios, winner of a Latin Grammy, presented his first bachata to the Dominican Republic, which is entitled “Mi buen amor”, an adaptation of the famous song by the singer-songwriter of Cuban origin Gloria Estefan.

Joseph, who was part of the Venezuelan salsa group “Los Teenagers” for six years until 2015, surprised his fans with the first single from what will be his solo debut album in the bitter genre, making it the first Venezuelan artist to present a musical proposal purely in bachata.

“I think one of the biggest influences I received from Dominicans was having the opportunity to record a duet with Rubby Pérez, that marked my path with these genres that are typical of Dominicans,” said Joseph Palacios.

“Yo Soy” is the name of Joseph’s first album produced between the Dominican Republic and Miami, with the participation of important bachata producers and musicians such as maestro Orlando Alcalá, Arnaldo Quintero and bassist and producer Juan Daniel Montero.

The record work under the production of the label ‘Playback Productions INC, which will be launched this year, includes three covers, a female collaboration and some unreleased songs composed among other authors by Renzo Romero and Ronald Gómez.

To his credit, Palacios, who was born in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, was the leader of a merengue band in his country for several years, so he had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic to produce an album with the masters: Isaías Leclerc, Ramón Orlando and Polo Parra.

“Those days were enough to fall in love with Dominican music and culture, so since then I always wanted to venture into Bachata,” the singer notes in a communication.

He adds that after his departure from ‘Los Teenagers’ he saw the ideal moment to make his way in bachata, and already inside he found that he is the only Venezuelan who is launching himself into the musical market with the short-veined genre and declared by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

“I am producing my first record label called “Yo Soy” all under the production of maestro Juan Daniel Montero and his team of musicians in the Dominican Republic,” he explained.

Palacios also launched simultaneously in the month of Valentine’s Day, to reiterate his love for Mexico, a bachata adaptation of the song “Yo Quería”, a song made famous by Cristian Castro.

At the end of 2021, Joseph toured several cities in Venezuela presenting a romantic show, as well as some shows interpreting the themes of his career in salsa and his new proposal in bachata.

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