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Joseph calls to overthrow the prime minister

Joseph llama a tumbar al primer ministro

The former interim Prime Minister of Haiti, Claude Joseph, called for a general mobilization in that nation against Prime Minister Ariel Henry, whom he criticized for not taking action against armed gangs, crimes and kidnappings in that nation.

Below is the full text of the information published by the Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste.

Passing through the northern metropolis last weekend, former interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph once again showed his disappointment and bitterness at the poor governance and laxity shown by the government team led by Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Claude Joseph criticizes the silence and inaction of the rulers in the face of the macabre acts of kidnapping and violence, the despicable crimes committed throughout the day by armed gangs in almost the entire national territory, particularly in the metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince.

Joseph also lamented the squalor that exists in the country, especially in this period of reopening of classes when the prices of basic necessities and school supplies constantly skyrocket.

He called on citizens to take to the streets to make their voices heard, to spit out their weariness and demand that Ariel Henry either improve his living conditions or vacate the premises.

However, the former prime minister asked to be careful with some traditional politicians who are called braggarts who, according to him, are part of the ruling team, who have their minister in the government.

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Pitit Dessalines

“Without asking for the departure of their minister from the government, they are launching strong demonstrations against this very power of which they are a part. That is demagoguery,” said Joseph, referring to the leader of the Pitit Dessalines Party, Moïse Jean-Charles.

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