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Joselu already has a new team

Joselu already has a new team

Joselu was one of the strikers who kept us busiest last summer market, as the striker of the Alaves It was one of the wishes of Sevilla FC, also followed by other clubs. His performance in the Basque team offered him the opportunity to sign for a team established in European competitions, but his arrival ended up being frustrated and the team from Seville, the footballer’s main destination, ended up signing Rafa Mir.

Now, Joselu is presented with a new opportunity to change clubs, and that is that the Spanish striker born in Stuttgart could be the new signing of the Spanish for the 2022-2023 season. Apparently, according to reports from Marca, the footballer would be willing to make an economic effort and lower his demands in order to sign for the Catalan team.

Joselu, since January in negotiations with Espanyol

Joselu has been the goal of Spanish since January, and since then both the player and the perica entity have been negotiating his possible signing for the Barcelona team. The footballer ends his contract with Alavés next June and, despite the fact that he has had other offers on the table, such as that of Valencia, Joseu has opted for Espanyol and will continue his career, with almost total certainty, in the RCDE Stadium.

According to this same source, the attacker of the Basque team has almost closed his signing for the Blue and White team, since the negotiations are approaching a successful end on the part of both parties. It would be the first signing of the parakeets for next season, which they hope will bring a lot of joy in the form of goals.

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