Josell Hernández comes out of the Villas Agrícolas mud and walks in the stadium of applause

Raised in mud and hunger, subsisting with his two brothers and parents from his humble home in Villas Agrícolas (a neighborhood in the capital), Josell Hernández managed to empower himself with the challenges that arise in life and come out of them successfully, managing today to testify for this means that he lives as he asked God on his knees when he was seven years old.

During his childhood he walked about five kilometers to go to his school and he had to wake up at two in the morning, since he slept in a small bed in front of the door of his house, and he had to stop to give way to his father, who left for work at that time.

However, as a result of his effort and preparation (he has two university degrees) he has won the affection of the Dominican people, especially baseball fans, due to his work as a cheerleader of the Tigres del Licey, last winter ball season. Since then his life has taken a turn, but with his feet on the ground for his Christian beliefs.

Hernández, devoted to the evangelical Christian faith, has given a high value to education, as evidenced in his two university careers and other studies such as social communicator, clinical psychologist and film producer, although his first passion has always been communication. .

“When I was six years old I preached in services and on the radio, I sang, I played the drums, I acted and then when I entered school the same thing happens to me, I presented all the acts when I was ten and twelve years old and I liked that”, those were Josell’s words when justifying where the passion for communicating comes from.

From the same feeling of connecting with people, Josell decides to study clinical psychology and this second career is encouraged as a result of the fact that the communication graduate begins to notice that people approached him to ask for advice.

“Without realizing it, people began to call me teacher, they approached me for advice, then one day I said: I’m going to study a career that helps me be a professional and that’s where I decided to study clinical psychology,” he said during his visit. to Listin Diario. Hernández stressed that this second career would be the one indicated for his old age.

+ your style
Strategically, in these two disciplines, together with his professional experience as a film producer, he lowered his creativity in the play and they played an essential role during the animation of baseball games, since he linked the knowledge of the different careers and put them into practice in the stadium.

“When I presented in the first inning I was a psychologist, because what I did was motivate the people and the players and they didn’t even realize it, but then as the game progresses, I am the cheerleader, but when in the seventh inning, the crazy hour comes and in the last one the celebration that we won, the producer comes in because the whole concept and costumes are produced by me”, he expressed.
+ Rejected at the beginning
As expected, in life there are ups and downs, there are the applause and the rejection of the public. In his case, the process was no different.

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“The first day I was going to go home, because it was a very strong pressure”, the communicator told, after, when getting up to the dugout, three fans yelled at him to leave.

With his shining face, he added: “Three people told me: get down from there I don’t see, people resist changes and you have to be very strong to break with that, but talk to my boss, with God and in the third inning I lit the stadium on fire”.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Josell sends a message to society, in which he made it clear that in life people can be very tied to old ideas and when new ideas start it is frustrating. However, he insisted that “as a young person they must have the courage to break with that, whoever does the basics does not transcend and whoever does not transcend receives attacks.”

In the same way, Josell confesses that days before he sat in the stands of the stadium, with a notebook in hand, to study the public, their reactions during the game.

+ His controversial ideas
Hernández in recent days has been a man of mentions on social networks due to the theatrical productions he has created as an animator for the blue team, especially dressing as a priest, burying a body that represented the Águilas Cibaeñas and the fact of burning in the stadium some yellow sneakers, with the same objective of celebrating the team’s triumph.

However, he does not show regret for the way in which he carried out his work, on the contrary, he expressed that the recreations he performs are part of the ideas that he had as a child in the neighborhood with his friends.

“I do not regret having dressed as a priest, many of my ideas are recreations of what I really did as a child when I won high school”, despite that, Josell does understand that burning the aforementioned “999 sneakers” was something “a little exceeded”, but for the fact of doing it inside.

In addition to his productions to encourage, his phrases such as “it smells like glory to me”, “silly” “this is the moment, high school student, don’t turn him down”, “you have to give it to the high school”, were luminous elements to encourage the team.

The communicator has produced more than 10 national and international films, has acted in cinema and theater and has been a communicator in popular radio and television programs such as El Show del Mediodía, Qtv and now in El Mismo Golpe with Jochy Santos.

Josell says that the rector of his university is Jochy Santos, he assimilates him as the person who allowed him to develop all his talents and considers him the safest Dominican talent. “Any leading talent in this country, since he sees light in another talent, cuts his wings, Jochy gives you a rocket to fly” said the versatile entertainer, adding that being next to the funny man is a gift that life gave him.

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