José Vicioso’s Lifetime Goal: Reaching the Presidency

He has been in the world of sports for more than 20 years, some of them as the head of multiple projects and events from their genesis to the search for financing to start-up and execution.

Now, José Vicioso faces the challenge of being able to relieve José Luis López Cerrón in the presidency of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation. The current vice president of the Autonomous Cycling Federation of the Community of Madrid or vice president of the RFEC itself explains its guidelines in MARCA.

How did the idea of ​​being the next president of the RFEC arise?

This began four years ago with my arrival to the vice presidency. José Luis López Cerrón thinks of me as a positive profile to be able to play that role. He suggests it to me, but at that moment I think we have to go little by little. The experience that cycling has given me has managed to put me there. I have arrived circumstantially, I have not looked for it. Without a doubt, I am at my best, both professionally and personally, to face this challenge that I have set for myself. I came to the world of cycling at the young age of 8 years old and my life has been linked to this sport since then. For me it would be an honor and a pride to be able to lead the RFEC. It would be the culmination of so many years of dedication and work for cycling.

What factors do you think can benefit you?

The best thing has been the group I have formed. I think I have found a great group in Madrid. We have carried out great projects with the base, we have brought the Spanish Championships, we have had good institutional relations… all this can serve as endorsement. On the other hand, circumstances could arise that have not occurred under previous presidents. There are presidents who come from management and others from the technical sports side, in my case both circumstances exist. My profession is linked to management and the sports side has also gone hand in hand throughout my life.

What are your strengths?

I am excited about projects and working as a team. We live on illusion. To generate activities that cycling needs. It must be promoted from their needs. I have been cycling since I was 9 years old and I have a vision of what this sport needs, which is changing. Right now he has put himself in a privileged situation. During these four years as vice president of the RFEC and more than 14 years in the FMC, they have allowed me to analyze the strongest and weakest aspects that cycling has at this moment. This allows me to develop a very ambitious strategic project for the coming years, where the Armed Forces will have a very important role in it.

What does pedal sport need to continue growing?

It needs more solidarity from the cyclist themselves. After soccer, we are the most practiced sport in this country, but we have few federative licenses, because we have lost 10% in recent years). In other countries this does not happen. We federations provide many values ​​to children when they are starting out, but only with the resources of the institutions we cannot achieve all the objectives. We want to increase our own resources above public resources. The image of the federation has to have added value to attract the public. We have great cyclists and ex-cyclists who can promote us with their image to attract the public, sponsors… the line must go that way. The first thing is to grow the number of licenses. Our projects are linked to the economy of the federation itself. We have 70,000 licenses throughout Spain and we must go for more.

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There are the Olympic Games just around the corner, what would it mean to win a medal like what happened with Samuel Sánchez in Beijing?

The health of the federation has improved and it is partly due to triumphs like Samuel’s or the one Valverde achieved in the World Cup. Medals always help, on many levels. These are important data, but not only on the road. The cycling federation is a federation of federations. Everything that has wheels… you can say that it is in this federation. New disciplines are emerging that must be supported, such as BMX. They are dragged into many federations and we must look at all these disciplines.

The arrival of Cerrón represented a boost at all levels.

The RFEC, during the mandate of José Luis, has had a significant change in different aspects in which the relations between the Armed Forces could stand out. We are facing a generational change of regional presidents. Two important aspects come together among all of them: experience and youth. This is undoubtedly a very exciting fact for me, the communication and good relations between all of them will give a much greater boost in the coming years in the common achievement of our objectives. The situation is not bad, but we must also be self-critical and aware that, with the data we have at this time, it can be said that they predict a few years of uncertainty in the economic-financial part. During this last decade we have experienced a substantial increase in public funds, so at this time one of the priorities is to increase our own funds and avoid depending on public administrations. We will create tools and mechanisms to achieve this improvement. We must provide the RFEC and Armed Forces with resources to invest in this data. Increasing own resources is a priority at this time.

On what specific dates will there be a change in the presidency?

The electoral process starts in September and on November 30 there would be a new president.

If you remain in office, do you already have a name for the director’s position? Could Momparler continue?

Those who are here now are my companions. They are involved technicians who are working. I come to contribute things from these 25 years. I am not here to replace and replace people. Now we are at a key moment of work. It’s too early to say names.

How would you define it in two words?

I consider myself an empathetic and outgoing person. Teamwork is a priority for me: transmitting enthusiasm and that result linked to effort, sacrifice and dedication are the way to achieve our goals, regardless of whether they are big or small. A dose of it makes a big difference when it comes to achieving results. It is the guarantee of success.

What other challenges do you have for the future?

One of the goals I have set for myself is to build a metropolitan sports city. It would be a unique facility where there would be BMX, freestyle or trial facilities, for example. There would be the headquarters of the RFEC with space for athletes, a gym, the offices themselves… It would also serve to carry out technical training. And even the idea would be to be able to build a velodrome in the future. I have already managed it in Madrid, having it in Galapagar and I think that this way we could develop several projects. We have to locate land and I think that will give us the objective.

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