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José Juan returns to disguise himself as a Cup hero

A new brilliant night of Copa in El Collao, another nightmare for the hard season of Levante. With one less after the expulsion of Ángel López, six goals in the game and one extra time, the match was decided in the penalty shoot-out and there José Juan was once again the hero of the Cup to claim the head of another Primera in the Copa del Rey, stopping the decisive penalty to Bardhi with his heart. The one that Alcoyano put him to strike another elite team on a night hard to forget in Alcoy.

The granotas are still in full decline and are eliminated by a group of the First RFEF, which at no time showed the difference in level between the squads and took a victory spurred on by the El Collao crowd, which once again looked like it did on the big nights in its fetish competition. Only Morales scored in the penalty shoot-out, as a sign of the crisis of confidence that the team is going through. Aitor, who stopped the first, could not avoid the disaster despite keeping his team alive under sticks during the minutes of play.

Alessio Lisci has already warned about the dangers of Alcoyano and in the first five minutes those of Vicente Parras endorsed his words. Intense and strong in the air game, with a field that always squeezes, that’s how the Italian defined them and thus the first two goals came with Mourad as the protagonist, making blood where Levante suffers the most: from set pieces.

With Dani vega as a motor and Mourad licking their lips in the area, the locals imposed their law in the first minutes spurred on by the heat of their audience. But nevertheless, another Dani, in this case Gómez, refused to give up on a granota key.

With trade and clear ideas, the Blue and Whites kept the loot obtained in the first minutes and Carlos Blanco made a gap with the goal of the night, a foul that slipped through Aitor’s squad. Until Lisci moved the bench and took out all his artillery, with Morales, Bardhi and Melero to lead the revolution.

Alessio threw the rest and Ten minutes were enough to tie the contest and open a new stage in El Collao, more after the expulsion of Ángel López. Soldado launched the team on the comeback after a pass from Pepelu and Morales found Dani Gómez to equalize the game. Even Melero, already in injury time, was able to decide the tie, but we would have to wait for the extension.

Already in the added time, Raúl had the game in his boots, but Aitor Fernández appeared with a saving hand for Levante. The granotas, for their part, turned the field upside down without being able to clearly reach the rival goal. It was time to decide everything in the penalty shootout and José Juan disguised himself as a hero again to perform a new feat on Copa nights in Alcoy.


Morales (55 ‘, Alejandro Cantero), Angel Lopez (63 ‘, Javier García), Miranda (63 ‘, Juanan), Miramon (66 ‘, Coke), Raul (71 ‘, Primi), Andy Escudero (72 ‘, Pablo Carbonell), Roger (80 ‘, Dani Gómez), Jose Antonio Abad (84 ‘, Dani Vega), Pablo Martinez (100 ‘, Soldier)


1-0, 4 ‘: Mourad El Ghezouani, 1-1, 22 ‘: Dani gomez, 2-1, 43 ‘: Mourad El Ghezouani, 3-1, 54 ‘: Carlos Blanco, 3-2, 60 ‘: Soldier, 3-3, 67 ‘: Dani gomez


Primi (18 ‘, Yellow) Lillo (48 ‘, Yellow) Nikola Vukcevic (52 ‘, Yellow) Angel Lopez (82 ‘, Red) Soldier (96 ‘, Yellow) Raul (98 ‘, Yellow) Roger (105 ‘, Yellow) Jose Antonio Abad (116 ‘, Yellow

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