José Cáceres – The sports journalist who embraces political consulting

José Cáceres Veloz, one of the finest pens in Dominican sports journalism, with whom we can delight ourselves with his refined prose embodied in the newspaper Hoy, has had vast experience in the different media throughout his career (Radio, television and written press), is now making his way into political consulting.

Analyze the internal processes of the political parties, the scenarios in electoral campaigns with their different actors and the strategies that are promoted by the governments, and even collaborate with the messages that each ruler issues, all these elements are developed by a consultant and it is what that the sports journalist has today within his main purposes.

Cáceres, with 35 years of experience in sports, also has a degree in International Relations, with a master’s degree in Political Consulting. And furthermore, a fact that few know is that the same blood runs through his veins as a former president of the Republic; Ramón Cáceres, who was president of the nation during the beginning of the 20th century, for a period of five years (1906-1911).

He decided to study journalism by vocation and has played several important roles in the press and communications area in various national and international sporting events. Currently, her immediate goal is to immerse herself more fully in political processes, while preparing herself academically to take on these challenges.

On August 3, Cáceres received the award, “Contribution to Democracy and Educational Contribution”, from the President of the Republic Luis Abinader, within the framework of the Award of the Latin American Association of Political Consultants (ALACOP), for being selected as meritorious student of the Interamerican University of Argentina.

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Along with his journalistic work in the newspaper Hoy, through his social networks, he also shares a lot of content on the different topics of social and political interest in the country, setting his positions and educating his followers in a very wise way.

Will you continue in sports?

When questioning the veteran journalist if in the midst of this new exercise he could move away from sports journalism, Cáceres replies:

“I still have a passion for sports reporting, but times bring evolutionary processes, which must be assimilated, we’ll see what happens in the not too distant future.”

The truth is that knowing does not weigh, there is another life after sport, not only for athletes but also for journalists. That is why it is necessary to look at the example of a professional like José Cáceres.


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