The Major Leagues register 14 players who in a game have connected two doubles and two triples and all, except José Altuve, scored a career. second basemanfromthe Astros in afromchallenge held on Wednesday 17frommayfroml 2017 at Marlins Park, a clash in which Houston beat the Marlins 3-0fromFlorida to the beatfromeight hits, being fivefromthese extra-base hits, (three doubles and two triples).

Fromthese hits, the little one produced two tubeyes and the same amountfromtriples, pushed one, but he did not score to be the only onefromthat group with afromperformancefromthis magnitude.

This game has been his onlyfromat least four extra-base hits in his career and it was incredible that he didn’t score. In his career he has had at least four hits on 26 occasions and on 22fromthese have at least one extra base. His hits were fired in the first act, an RBI doublefromafterfromone out, in the thirdfromafterfromtwo outs produced the first triple, failed to score, in the fifth the first two batters missed and Altuve hit his second triple and the next batter Evan Gattis missed. In the seventh he was struck out and in the ninthfromafterfromtwo outs he fired his fourth extra-base hits and then Gattis struck out 


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