José Alberto: “This is the Antoñín we all know”

Málaga came back from an initial goal from Real Sociedad B to end up adding another triumph at La Rosaleda and placing themselves back two points from the playoff. Antoñín was the great blue and white banner in the match against the Donostiarras. The winger from Malaga served two excellent assists that Roberto and Paulino converted into 2-1 definitive. “This is the Antoñín that we all know and he still has a lot of room for improvement and progression,” said José Alberto happily after the meeting.

Assessment of the meeting: “It was a very difficult match, which has become even more difficult with that Real Sociedad goal from a set piece. We had a very controlled game. In the second half we had to suffer because we didn’t have the ball and it was difficult for us to get out, but without the ball we had the game under control. The line of midfielders and forwards did a spectacular job, we closed very well on the inside and when we recovered we generated quite a few dangerous situations in the counterattacks ”.

New victory at La Rosaleda: “Comeback is very difficult in this category. The fans have been spectacular, they have taken the team flying after their goal. The team is doing very well at home, the numbers are there. Now to think about recovering from the effort of today and on Sunday we must all take a step forward. We have an opportunity to really get hooked on the top positions, take little steps, continue to grow and win for the first time this season away from home ”.

Antoñín’s great game: “He is feeling fine. In the previous home game he was good, the minutes the other day in Oviedo were good and today he has returned to doing what we all expect from him. This is the Antoñín that we all know and it still has a lot of room for improvement and progression. He is very young and we have to help him continue to grow. Individual performance is to help the group and that a player gives the performance that Antoñín has given today is also thanks to the other components ”.

Robert: “Today was the most favorable match for him because he faces people his age. Last season he was competing against people his age. We are very happy with his performance, with his level. In the end his teammates help him show his talent and he made a perfect shot on goal ”.

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Real Sociedad B: “La Real has enormous individual talent and spectacular physical data. They are number one in distance traveled, in distances at high intensity and then they have a lot of capacity. We have minimized them, in the second half they have not shot on goal. There was uncertainty on the scoreboard and the feeling that at certain moments we can cheat, but we have gone up, we have pressed very high and that is thanks to the work of Roberto and Brandon. They have helped Escassi and Genaro recover. Paulino and Antoñín interpreted threatening situations very well inwardly and they had no game or they had it but they could not progress. They made inaccuracies because the team did an impeccable defensive job ”.

Aspects to improve: “There are always things to improve, but we have to continue on the line we are on. We are a competitive team, we are a reliable team, when we watch Málaga play we know what we are going to find and that is what we want. Now we need to take one more step away from home and have that bit of luck that I think we already deserve, that a shot at the post after hitting the post between once and that some of the clear chances that we are having, the Players can see the goal, which is what we are lacking, the efficiency in front of goal. Of the last seven games we have only lost one and I think we are on a good line of growth. We still have a lot of margin, the team is very young ”.

Beautiful goals: “We will have to score a churro goal. The important thing is that today we have scored one more goal than the rival, that we have achieved the victory, that we leave with great feelings as a huge team. We continue to grow offensively and defensively. The sensations are very good. We have to continue in this line of being competitive, of work, of solidarity, of effort, of commitment, of involvement … and that in the end gives you many points. We have to keep Sunday’s game in mind, get those two victories and then carry on, because this is too long ”.

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