Jorge Vilda demands to collect the money Rubiales promised him

The current ex-selection player for the Spanish women’s national team thought that the scandal surrounding the ex-client of the RFEF would not affect him, but he was wrong and is now asking Motril for help.

On a sporting level, Spain thanks Jorge Vilda for the World Cup, but personally they agree with his dismissal. The person who was the coach of the Spanish women’s national team a few days ago was directly involved Rubiales scandal. This is because the coach did not agree with his resignation and applauded what he had done at the awards ceremony.

But the support that Jorge Vilda gave Luis Rubiales was not out of conviction but for economic reasons. And the former president of the RFEF promised him to stay in office until 2028, as stipulated in his oral contract. But not only that, he also told him that his salary would increase as a thank you for leading La Roja to the consecration of the World Cup title.

Jorge Vilda
Jorge Vilda’s most childish mistake was supporting Luis Rubiales in the middle of the scandal, all because of money.

Jorge Vilda sinks like Luis Rubiales

The position taken by the coach in the Rubiales case was wrong from the ethical perspective that the situation required. Of course, the man from Madrid was more carried away by economic impulses, more by what could happen to the man from Motril. By the time he reconsidered his position and sided with the players, it was already too late.

Added to this aspect are other controversies that Vilda brings with her, such as the fact that the coach also committed a serious offense in the final of the Women’s World Cup. In a video that has already gone viral, the man is shown deliberately touching the chest of his assistant Montse Tomé. Another of the coach’s scandals is that he asked his players not to close the doors of the rooms they were in while they were concentrating.

Even though everyone was against him, Jorge Vilda believes that justice always shines

Obviously the Madrid coach doesn’t agree with the RFEF’s decision, but he respects it. However, you will use all legal means to collect the money you are entitled to under your last oral contract. “I have a four-year contract plus one from before. I felt like a coach until 2028.” The former coach has repeated this several times.

“I consider myself a coach until 2028. That’s what my lawyers tell me, all the more so since there was already a prior and consensual agreement in Parliament. “It is said publicly in the meeting that this contract was previously perfected with a four-year extension,” says Jorge Vilda. It’s obvious that the Madrid native has everything against him, but he will still fight for the promise Rubiales gave him.

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