What Barcelona is waiting for?

He changed the coach and I expect a different team in terms of the system. Xavi was trained in the house. They usually play 4-3-3 and now the wind may be more favorable in the environment due to the change of coach. Barça will be more confident. But, with Xavi or Koeman, Barça will always be a great team and with footballers who can unbalance at any time. The atmosphere will be good for Barça, but we also like to play in a stadium like the Camp Nou

Do you think that if you lose your continuity at Benfica it will be more difficult?

I don’t see it from the negative side. If we win, we could qualify on the last day. What is interesting here is that, when the draw took place, 90 percent of experts gave Bayern and Barça as favorites. And now we can move on. It is a final for Barça and for Benfica. That has nothing to do with my contract with Benfica.

Will they risk?

Tomorrow, if we draw 0-0, we would have to wait for Bayern-Barça. I think a tie would be more negative for Barça. But we are going to play to win. Barça will have the ball. We did something that is very difficult, win 3-0 at Barça. We have opportunities to be in the next phase. If we draw, we will depend on the Bayern-Barça match but we will be there. The important thing is that, two days from the end, we can go through. We are playing against candidates to win the Champions League. It is natural that Barça are not so strong without Messi, but that does not mean that they do not have top-level players. Barça continues to be one of the best in the world. We will keep our game idea. You have to know when to press higher and when to wait. We will play according to the needs of each moment.

Is Joao Mario available for this match?

Joao will be here tomorrow. He is called up and I think he can be in the game. According to the indications we have from the doctors, I think that. It will be more difficult than in Da Luz. The idea of ​​the game will be the same, you have to know when we have to be at high or low pressure. And much less tomorrow. We train to play based on needs.

If Benfica come back with a win and you are asked to be Brazil coach, what would you say?

I don’t think a foreigner ever coached a Brazilian team and I don’t think it will be me. Of course, anyone would like to coach the Brazilian team.

Everton or Darwin?

With Everton we changed a bit. I have to see how Barça plays back to see which trident we line up. You will tell me that I will not know the Barça line-up but I have information from my people in the communication department. If we can’t win, better tie.

Grimaldo: “Emotionally they will be better with Xavi”

Before Jorge Jesus, Grimaldo held a press conference. These were his manifestations: “Barcelona will never be weak. It is always a candidate to win any title. It’s not past its prime, but all teams change. It was already noticed in the last game that emotionally with the arrival of Xavi they are better. Tactically, I don’t think there are many changes either. We think about winning. Everton is a great player and one of the best wingers I saw happen at Benfica. It is clear that this year it is being noticed that we understand each other more than last year. It is time that makes these societies grow. I’m in a very good moment, like the whole team “


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