Jordi Wild’s Live Broadcast Marred by Unexpected Eureka Moment: Mysterious ‘Energy Formula’ Emerges with Uncertain Significance

Live Debate on Science and Conspiracy Theories

A live show hosted by Jordi Wild featured a debate between two scientists, Javier Santaolalla and Rocío Vidal, and two conspiracy theorists, Mr. Tartaria and Rimbel. The debate covered various topics, including Einstein’s energy formula.

Einstein’s Energy Formula

Einstein’s famous energy formula is a fundamental concept in physics, stating that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. However, Mr. Tartaria disagreed with the formula, claiming that it is incomplete and that Tesla knew the missing piece. He demonstrated what he believed was missing, stating that the formula does not account for the electron reaching the center of the nucleus.

Mr. Tartaria’s Claims

Mr. Tartaria claimed that the formula is incomplete and that Tesla knew the missing piece. He also stated that he has data that suggests Tesla knew the correct formula, which includes the energetic movement of the electron to the nucleus.

Debate and Laughter

The debate led to laughter when Santaolalla asked Mr. Tartaria to explain what "H" referred to, and Mr. Tartaria was unable to provide an answer. Rimbel, who was on Mr. Tartaria’s side, also questioned his claims.

Upcoming Demonstrations

Mr. Tartaria has announced that he will demonstrate two of his craziest theories next month in September. The first demonstration will prove that the earth is flat, and the second will demonstrate the history of humans turning into lions. He claims to have graphic and evident evidence to support his claims.

Conspiracy Theories

Mr. Tartaria’s theories include claims of supernatural powers, such as the ability to enter astral travel without the need for drugs, and the ability to transform into an animal. He also claims that he has data that suggests Tesla knew the missing piece of Einstein’s energy formula.

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The debate and demonstrations have sparked controversy and raised questions about the validity of Mr. Tartaria’s claims.

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