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Jordi Amat, closer to playing with Indonesia

Jordi Amat, más cerca de jugar con Indonesia

Jordi Amat he is closer to being called up to the Indonesian soccer team. Spanish, currently in the Belgian KAS Eupen, revealed just a few months ago his intention to defend the Asian country internationally and his Federation, at the request of coach Shin Tae-yong, got down to work. “My grandmother, who has supported me a lot during my career as a footballer, was born in Makassar. She had to leave because of the war when she was only 10 years old, but she returns every year to see her family. They follow me a lot from there. They are charming”, he discovered in AS Amat, who he has blue blood because one of his ancestors reigned in Siau, a small volcanic island with about 20,000 inhabitants.

Although Jordi Amat’s words took place in October, it was not until now that his request reached the Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainudin Amali, who was “very strict” with the nationalizations proposed by Shin Tae-yong. Although there were four footballers suggested by the coach –Sandy Walsh, Jordi Amat, Mees Hilgers and Kevin Diks-, only two, including Amat, so far meet all required conditions. “I will meet with Shin so that he can explain to me why he needs these players,” added Amali in a statement collected by Bola.net.

“I have played professionally in Europe for 12 years and I want to bring my experience to Asia”

Jordi Amat, Eupen player

“I would love to because I know it would be an incredible experience. Defending Indonesia, a country of 275 million people, would be brutal. But I don’t know what are the steps to follow. I am waiting to see how events unfold. I don’t know if my intention has already reached the Federation’s ears,” Amat said in October 2021. Months later, the Barcelona-born center-back is aware that his naturalization is closer than ever. “Thank you all for the support. I want to answer all the messages, but it is impossible”he wrote on Instagram after receiving a barrage of messages from Indonesian fans.

Jordi Amat He went through all the lower categories of the Spanish team. He played with the U-16 (2 games), the U-17 (11), the U-18 (2), the U-19 (7), the U-20 (5) and the U-21 (15) , but now she dreams of defending Indonesia, the country where her grandmother was born. “I have played professionally in Europe for 12 years and I want to take my experience to Asia“, confesses an Amat who does not rule out continuing his career in the most populous continent on the planet: “I have already played in Spain, England and Belgium. I don’t know if I will renew with the Eupen or not, but if I leave I would like to try something new or return to Spain, although I am not closing any doors. I have not considered signing for an Asian club, but who knows. I like to travel and Asia may be my next destination.”

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