Jordan Peterson is done with banks and sees Bitcoin as the solution

This has been going on for years, but slowly but surely it is becoming clear that the banks would prefer to do without cash altogether. Global dissatisfaction with the banking system is palpable. Famous clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson is also fed up with the global banking system and suggests that Bitcoin (BTC) could solve the problem.

Jordan Peterson not at banks

Peterson was reacting to the news that Australia’s Macquarie Bank will stop offering and accepting cash, checks and telephone payments. The company is trying to modernize. It will be implemented across all services, including retirement accounts and wealth management.

Support for checks will end in January, with phone payments following in March. Cash deposits and withdrawals at local branches will follow next May. The only way to withdraw cash is from general ATMs. That would mean consumers are left with few options when it comes to regular fiat currency transactions.

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian himself, but many Canadian residents do not have a positive view of the national banking system. When truck drivers protested violently last year, the Canadian government decided to freeze more than 200 protesters’ bank accounts. Many people were already turning to cryptocurrency, although the crypto wallets of identified Protestants were also blacklisted.

Is Bitcoin the solution?

Maybe it’s time to cut banks. Could Bitcoin solve this problem?” asks the psychologist and author on the social media platform X. Peterson is no stranger to flirting with the idea that Bitcoin can transform the financial system.

Of course, Bitcoin supporters did not remain silent after this comment. The Bitcoiner Robert Breedlove noted “Banks increase risk when they use money. Bitcoin in self-custody is money without this risk. So yes, Bitcoin solves this problem.”

In several videos on his YouTube channel and in conversations with several other media personalities, he shows his appreciation for the principle of Bitcoin, which he, like many others in the Bitcoin community, sees as a freedom movement. Last year he described how Bitcoin could offer a way out of central bank money printing. His search has been ongoing since at least 2021.

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