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Jonathan Viera, Las Palmas’s antidote to the thriving UD Ibiza

One per goal and one per trend, two teams that they must carry the head held high they challenge this afternoon in the Gran Canaria Stadium. It so happens that Las Palmas, despite the slap he took a week ago on his visit to Mirandés, remains among the group of aspiring promotion, much more since the arrival of Jonathan Viera, that today will be at least summoned. For its part, UD Ibiza lands on another island with a Upward trend for a year and also undefeated, for now, in this first career in Second Division (follow the game live on AS.com).

After the announcement made by Pepe Mel that Jonathan Viera would beExcept for a last minute surprise, at least among the 23 summoned, the expectation has skyrocketed around Las Palmas. It seems difficult that the most special footballer of the current Second Division can be a starter (“He is not there to play 90 minutes,” he insisted Own Mel), but it is not ruled out that it can start from the beginning to raise the morale of a troop ‘touched’ after the hard defeat before him Mirandés (4-2).

Although the coach of Las Palmas he insists on not pointing out his footballers, changes are coming on your computer. One sure is Raul Navas, whose annoyances weighed him down in Miranda de Ebro and will prevent him from playing this afternoon. I could go in instead Curbelo, while Cardona firmly opposes occupying the space of the unfortunate Benito. Ahead nothing can dispute neither the presence nor the stripes of Sergio Ruiz, true engine of the team, who could be again accompanied by Alberto moleiro, which like Pedri in his day, firmly aims to be one of the revelations of the championship.

On the attack front, the presence of Viera would complete a special string quartet with Pejiño, Peñaranda and Jesé. Today, before UD Ibiza, could be Kirian. In any case, play more or less, the revulsive is the 21.

For its part, UD Ibiza faces the encounter with the motivation to continue one more week in positive balance. The celestial are one of the three teams that they haven’t lost yet (together with Sporting de Gijón and Tenerife) this season in LaLiga SmartBank, in which the Ibizan team is debuting. Nevertheless, the block trained by Juan Carlos Carcedo has caught the pulse of the category from the first moment, standing up to all the rivals he has faced.

The Ibiza wants give the bell in the Canary Islands, as he did two weeks ago at the Butarque stadium against Leganés, which he beat 1-2. Therefore, the UD Las Palmas should not be trusted against an adversary who has shown be wildly competitive. What’s more, the Pitiusos want to amend the ‘stumble’ in front of the Amorebieta, in a match that they should have won if they had made better use of the chances they had (they threw two balls at the posts with Ekain’s actions). However, in that clash the Ibiza He could only add one point and continues without winning at home this course.

The balearic islands recover for this duel to Mateusz bogusz, one of the signings for this campaign. The Pole has already rejoined the group after participating with the Polish Under-21 team. After missing the match against Amorebieta, he can play again. Bogusz has two goals to his credit, the same as his teammate Sergio Castel, that accumulates two consecutive days scoring. The Madrilenian, who is on a roll, will be one of the dangers of an Ibiza that is clear that he must continue playing without complexes. The only loss of the celestial will be that of the central Álex Gálvez, formerly from Las Palmas, He is making progress in recovering from the knee injury he suffered in the preseason.



Absence. Las Palmas loses a fundamental pillar like Raúl Navas. Curbelo is emerging as a substitute.

Defending. The insulares bled back in their Miranda party. Recover the good defensive tone, key to scoring.

Celestial confidence. Ibiza is still in a positive balance and, after four days, they still haven’t lost this season.

Statistics. The Ibizans are the fourth best visitor with four points away, double those achieved at home.


Jesse. Little by little he recovers his form. It is already indisputable. Accumulate two goals and act as a leader on the pitch.

Castel. The Madrid player has been scoring for two consecutive days. He’s on a roll and wants more.


Las Palmas. Navas, as muscular discomfort, is not available. Viera completes his set-up and is cited.

UD Ibiza. Ibiza’s only casualty is Álex Gálvez, who is still injured. Bogusz is back, having been with the Polish Under-21 team.

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