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Jonathan Barnett speaks clearly: “The injuries and the disagreements with Zidane stopped Bale”

Jonathan Barnett speaks clearly: “The injuries and the disagreements with Zidane stopped Bale”

Jonathan Barnett, head of Stellar Group and Gareth Bale’s personal agent, made a statement in the Mirror English in which he charged again against Zinedine Zidane, a former Real Madrid technician and with whom his client ended up in very bad terms, to the limit that in the 2020-21 season he had to leave on loan to Tottenham, still having a contract with Madrid and being the highest paid of the staff.

Barnett does not forget that it was the conflicts between Zidane and Bale that prevented him from shining more in recent years, and he remembers it this way: “The injuries and misunderstandings of the last seasons with Zidane have slowed him down. It is a shame that he has been injured now, with Carlo Ancelotti again as Real Madrid coach. He broke his hamstring so he has a long way to go. “

Barnett, in his criticism of Zidane, takes the opportunity to praise Ancelotti, despite the fact that he also had a conflict with the Italian in the coach’s first stage at Madrid, when he changed Bale one day at Mestalla, with the match tied, and Barnett telephoned the club to convey his complaint and request, on behalf of his client, a change in the system that would bring him closer to the goal.

“I told Bale.” I know your representative spoke to the president. Why didn’t you come talk to me about whatever you wanted? “He said,” Yes, okay, no problem. “ I explained that I had told the president how impossible it was to change the system because it did not affect just one position, but the entire team. I was clear with him. I told him that we could try some things to change his position in the summer, in the next preseason, but not then, “Ancelotti revealed later.

On another occasion, in which Barnett had criticized that Bale’s teammates did not supply him with enough balls, Ancelotti responded directly to the agent: “In this world a lot of people talk and sometimes they do it too much. He has not gone to see a training, he speaks from outside. Bale had no problems with his teammates. He was able to keep quiet. “

But what was black before and now is white and Barnett reveals himself delighted with Ancelotti. Not so much with Mourinho, Tottenham coach last year and with whom Bale did not quite work either: “Mou and Bale did not see football in the same way. We can just say that it was not the best return to a club in history.”

“Wales, the most important thing for Bale”

And, of course, the Wales team appears in the background as fundamental, as always for Bale. Some Madridistas do not forget that banner (“Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order”), although in the case of the Welshman’s last season at Madrid (contract ends in 2022 and will not renew) the fans seem to have taken the pragmatic route, especially in view of the fact that the team needs all possible support to win titles.

With four Champions won in Madrid, Barnett reveals that there is no priority like Wales for Bale at the moment, specifically the possibility of getting to play a World Cup: “It is a dream for him to be able to participate in a final phase of a World Cup with Wales . It’s the most important thing for him right now, I think. “

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