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Jon Sanz, with Galán, to his first final at the expense of Tapia and Coello

Jon Sanz, with Galán, to his first final at the expense of Tapia and Coello

This is the last tournament for Ale Galán and Jon Sanz together, because next week the man from Madrid returns with the recovered Lebrón, and the two had a thorn in them: Galán, because he has played finals with all his teammates (Belluati, Mieres, Mati Díaz, Lima and Lebrón) and had not yet achieved it with Sanz after four tournaments; Jon, because he has never been to an Open final until now, and he was trying to seize this opportunity next to an exceptional player. At the last moment they have achieved it, beating the best couple of the year, who had only given up one match in the WPT (in the final in Valladolid), and with this Tapia and Coello they have two. In reality, Sanz trusted Galán, and he trusted that with the help of his San Fermín boss, he would be on the track on Sunday.

But beyond the victory and the way (3-6, 7-6 and 6-4) to get it, lo more outstanding was to see the evolutions on the track of the Navarrese player. There he was three number ones, and he was not intimidated, it was not noticed that never in his career has he been in the top eight. It is evident that in these tournaments with Galán he has grown as a player, that he has lost his fear, that he scores points with shots at the gate against Coello, or adds them in parallel against Tapia. As the running thing keeps it, it was one of the match between gifted. The omnipresent Galán took advantage of that cheekiness of his partner to finally win against Tapia and Coello, against whom he has lost three finals this year (with Lebrón).

The match, the last of the day, was the only one in three sets. The first was taken by the number ones (3-6), with an immediate reaction from Sanz and Galán, who, however, doubted: from 5-1 they went to 5-4, and at the golden point Galán lost to the glass a neutral backhand volley, for a 5-5, although later they clearly prevailed in sudden death. In the third set, 1-2 starting, but reaction from Sanz and Galán, and although with the 5-3 they had the ball of the match, they took it forward with the serve in the following: 6-4. Now they will see them in the final with Stupaczuk and Di Nennowinners of the last two tournaments, and who were the only ones to date who had beaten Tapia and Coello; to enter the final they defeated Álex Ruiz and Tello, who reached 5-5 and evaporated: 7-5 and 6-0.

The women’s final is the second of the year for Marta Ortega and Gemma Triay, who have been going up steps every tournament they play together: 6-1 and 6-4 against Tamara Icardo and Virginia Riera. The rivals are the ones that form the best couple of the year, Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría, who also won in two sets (6-4 and 6-1) against Aranzazu Osoro and Lucía Sainzand return to another final after losing in the semifinals in Valladolid.

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