Jon Rahm signed 67 strokes (-4) on the second day of the Acciona Open in Spain, which together with the -8 of the opening day put him with -12, second to a stroke from the Dutch Besseling. The ‘León de Barrika was satisfied, but when speaking to the media, he acknowledged that there is a detail with which he is a bit upset.

“There are a lot of people. I think that the volunteers, whom we thank very much for their help, were not prepared for such an influx of spectators and it is also very difficult since people really want to golf, to follow all the shots, immortalize the moment … I get it, but the only thing I would say to anyone reading this is to put the phone on silent. At each blow we hear three or four cameras, messages, calls … They are things that happen but there are times when it deconcentrates you a bit “, explained Rahm.

The number one in the world reiterated on several occasions that he is very grateful for the support but asks that favor from the thousands of fanss who will be approaching the Country Club on the weekend. And he added with humility and good humor: “I’m not used to having so many followers with so much energy. So many people in a hole just to watch me play is something I’m not so used toAnd it must also be said that there are times as a player it is easier to blame someone other than me, it is a way to get some frustration out. “


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