Jon Rahm: “I never notice the support of the public anymore”

Jon Rahm finished the first round with 64 shots and making it clear that his goal is to equal Severiano Ballesteros’ three Spanish Opens. “Today I give myself a very good grade. The blows that I have missed, removing the one from one have not been very bad. What always happens here is that when you get past the first two or three meters of rafting it’s always a little harder and ends up far away, and it looks worse than it really is. I have played the first nine holes perfectly. I wish I always played like this, but it’s not going to be. Let’s see if I continue with that streak every day, especially from the tee. I sign it without a doubt. Hitting the long drive on narrow fairways is not easy”.

Great performance by the ‘Lion of Barrika’ who explains to the press where he has seen himself best: “I have found myself very well with the putt and those that I have missed when they were good opportunities have been by very little. If I keep that up all week and keep coming out like today I give myself chances of success. It is important to start strong because the greens are going to get more difficult throughout the days”.




The Basque compares how he arrived in 2021 and how he does it now. It is not less tension, it is a better mental situation: “Last year’s expectations were high and what my mind asked of me, my body no longer gave me. That is the difference. Now mind and body are united. I personally believe that this year the high expectations are more real”. Hundreds of people have followed his 18 holes and maybe sometimes there are shouts in moments of concentration, people who move when they are going to hit… but Rahm keeps the positive part, which is a lot: “I never notice the support of the public anymore. That so many people come on a Thursday is a luxury. I imagine that tomorrow leaving in the afternoon and the weekend there will be even more. The Spanish public always shows up and helps. It motivates when you do it well and when things have gone a little wrong it also encourages. Sometimes when you miss a shot they want to encourage and overwhelm a little and if you pass that point of accepting the help, it helps.

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Lastly, and after being thankful for being with his family (“being able to see my family, even though my wife and children are not here, with the little I am at home it is good for the soul”), there is no result in signing for the second day in which it will leave at 2:00 p.m. from the tee of 1: “I don’t know what the conditions will be tomorrow but hopefully I can do the same result. And if it can be improved, so much the better. A field like this that makes you think is fun.”

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