Jokin Muñoz and Rebeca Suárez win the Martín Fiz Marathon

Jokin Muñoz turned out to be the fastest in an edition that brought together 2,800 competitors. The Txiki Marathon It was carried out by 300 kids who covered the distance of 1 km. The first to arrive in the official tests were, logically, those who participated in the 10,000. Omar Jimenez and Zaira Acedo They were the fastest in that distance in which Kamel Ziani (winner of the first edition of the Vitoria marathon), Nieves Zarza (a historic long-distance athlete from Álava) and Martín Fiz himself, organizer of the race, participated.

Subsequently, the participants in the Half Marathon appeared. They all talked about the rain and the virtues of a very fast track. Tails and heads of the same coin. Pablo Benito fulfilled the forecasts and took the victory, with a time of 1:09:06. “From kilometer 3 I ran alone, there were many people cheering despite the rain. I congratulate the organization,” she said. Gustavo Sánchez and Alejandro Paredero completed the podium. The first woman was Paula Mayero (1:23:38). The second to enter was María Navascués and the third, Diana Vecillas.

The queen test, the one of the more than 42 kms, it was obtained by Jokin Muñoz from Gipuzkoa. “I am very happy, it is the first time that I have won at this distance and, in addition, I have improved my personal best. I’m coming out of a bone edema injury but I’m feeling pretty good. At kilometer 10 I was left alone although they later caught up with me. From 30 I have gone at my pace and the rival has been staying ”, he assured. His time was 2:24:50. Second came Jesús González, less than a minute and third, Guillermo Vahl, more than 11 minutes behind the first.

The victory in the women’s category went to the Catalan Rebeca Suárez (2:47:48) followed by María Lázaro (2:50:37) and Mercedes Pila (2:51:01). The winner pointed out at the finish line that “I felt very good in the race, keeping a constant pace. At kilometer 12 I pushed to stay alone and, the truth is that I risked a lot. I have had some moments of weakness but I have managed to overcome them. I’ve been running since I was 14 years old and this is the second marathon I’ve won in 2023. I may get serious about this distance. I have also achieved my best mark”.

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