Jokic: “I drank two or three liters of Cola a day, I came to the NBA and it was hard: I wanted to go home”

Nikola Jokic’s 2021 was magical when it comes to the NBA, the competition in which he was able to focus as he was not in Tokyo for the Olympic Games as if Spanish, Argentine, Australian, Slovenian or the United States were, A country in which he continues to dominate as he enters 2022. The Nuggets center wanted to look back not only at the MVP year he has had, but at the previous ones that have led him to be where he is. Maximum award worked with effort, sacrifice and technique and imagination of those that take away the hiccups.

The television network Arena Sport He has counted on Jokic to be the one to review some defining moments to rise as the most decisive player in the final NBA regular season.

Jokic, 26, is dominating with greater fierceness in what is considered the most famous basketball competition in the world. It took her her time to adjust. “I have been heating up the bench until they gave me minutes of the garbage and then I broke into the starting five. It was all part of a process, although I suppose I took a less traveled path”, aim.

During the harshest confinement of the coronavirus pandemic, he lost a lot of weight and with that new figure he is the one with which he has most dominated the paintings of the League. It recalls in his memory what he did before even playing there. “I had to change my habits. I used to drink two or three liters of Cola-Cola a day and I had the last glass before flying to the United States”, he relates. It took a toll on him for a while. “My first training session was tough. All my teammates were more physical and athletic than me, they could pound however they wanted. I wanted to go home.”, contributes.

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Jokic, in his 7th season on US soil, was close to staying in Europe instead of crossing the pond because Barça loved him so badly. But the culés were disenchanted. “Representatives of the club came to see me with Mega when we played against Cedevita to offer to go with them, but they put the idea on hold after a very bad performance on my part. Then the Nuggets came and the rest is history.”, Explain. “My coach, Dejan Milojevic, told me at halftime: ‘Nikola, but who are you?’. Barça wanted to see a little more”, he confesses.

That important interest of Barça has already been explained on other occasions, including by his agent during that stage, the also Balkan Misko Raznatovic. This confirms that they were really about to sign. “They followed him for a long time, they came for the final negotiations and watched a match in Sremska Mitrovica. Before the match we had almost agreed on the transfer conditions and we were going to agree on the rest after the match. That night he played his worst match. More than horrible. And Barcelona took a while “, clarifies. “The negotiations continued and, meanwhile, Arturas Karnisovas insisted that he go to Denver. And Nikola found himself in the NBA”, He says.

For the Nuggets megastar, also mentioned in the interview, Durant is indefensible, add that you don’t like basketball if you don’t like curry, mentions the silver medal at the 2016 Games as his highest sporting award for “camaraderie” that you live in that special tournament and drop that you can’t admire the top 20 players because “you lose your competitive fang” even though all “they can score you fifty points”.

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