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Jokic and the barrier of 400 million

Jokic and the barrier of 400 million

The NBA is in one of the best moments in its history. Its appeal and its projection go beyond the borders of the United States, becoming the hegemonic championship, which generates 8,000 million dollars a year. The numbers are overwhelming in every way. The average salary of the players is 8.3 million compared to 5.3 in the Indian Premier League cricket, 4.03 in the MLB and 3.97 in the British Premier League. And with an average value of the franchises that is close to 3,000 million with Golden State Warriors rising, for example, to almost 7,000 million.

A boom scenario, largely sponsored by the million-dollar television contract signed with Disney (ESPN and ACB) and Turner (TNT) in 2015 for 10 years and 24,000 million (the new agreement being negotiated could be even higher), which nobody wants to break and which allowed the peaceful and rapid signing of a new agreement with benefits for the renewal of the contracts of veteran players and those awarded at the end of the season.

One of those lucky ones is Jaylen Brown. The forward (26 years and 1.98 m) signed an extension super maxwhich allows raising his new contract by 140% compared to the previous one due to the new agreement, with Boston turning him into the first player in history to exceed 300 million (304) in five years34 above that of Nikola Jokic with the Denver Nuggets, the last major extension signed.

A lost first position that is not completely lost because the center could recover it in three years, breaking another of the great and impossible barriers in the NBA: the one of the 400 million dollars. The Serbian is currently considered one of the best players on the planet (if not the best) after a championship ring with the Denver Nuggets that came preceded by the two MVPs he won in 2021 and 2022.

A relevance and dominance that led the Colorado franchise to extend his contract last summer, when he won his second award as Best Player of the Season, for five years and 276.12 million dollars. A contract that will begin to count this season with a value of 47.6 million and that will rise to 59 in 2026-27 with a player option the following, that of 2027-28, for 62.8 million.

In the summer of 2026, Jokic would be eligible to re-sign with Denver. And, on that occasion, he would be in a position to storm the bank with the first contract that exceeds 400 million, specifically 404 million, in five seasons, according to kurt helin. She would no longer need to do anything, neither win a ring nor an individual award because she would have more than 10 years of service in Denver.

He would not be the only one with the ability to break a barrier that was a pipe dream a decade ago. players like Ja Morant, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Zion Williamson They would be in a position to do so, although of the three the one that seems most likely due to projection and ability to win individual awards and get into All NBA quintets is Shai, the Oklahoma City Thunder guard.

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