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Joint brigades of the Edes go to the East region today

Brigadas conjuntas de las Edes van hoy a la región Este

A joint brigade of Electricity Distribution Companies (Edes) It will leave today for the East of the country, where a large number of circuits are out of service due to the impact of Hurricane Fiona as it passed through the country.

Speaking to Listín Diario, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Antonio Almonte, indicated that the hurricane attacked with force in the eastern region of the country after its passage by the communities of Higüey, Punta Cana, Miches, El Seibo and Hato Mayor, and by Sabana de la Mar, where it has left a situation that the authorities of the national electricity sector define as “calamitous”.

The minister reported that The same situation of calamity is occurring in Samaná, particularly in Sanchez.

A large number of circuits are out of service, most of them due to breakdown and others that were taken out of service due to the fall of wires to the ground and thus avoid human losses, Almonte explained.

According to the official for two days the technical brigades in the East have been reinforcedbut given the current situation, we are waiting for the rains and winds to subside to intervene in the area.

Early today there will be a massive recovery process in the provinces affected by Hurricane Fiona, where a joint team of all the distributors and the Electric Transmission Company will go, he said.

“We will be focused on the recovery of the service in the East zone,” he added.

Hurricane Fiona affected the islands of Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe and from early Monday morning affected the Dominican Republic with heavy rains in the eastern area.
Hurricane Fiona as it passed through the country brought a lot of rain, winds and storm surges in the eastern areas and in Samaná. The greatest damage has been in the electrical sector, as reported by the authorities, so today joint brigades from the Edes will go to solve the multiple breakdowns caused by the atmospheric phenomenon in the electricity circuits of several cities in the East.

President Luis Abinader also announced that he will go to the area, which the Government will declare a disaster area, specifically the cities of Higuey, La Altagracia; The Seibo, Hato Mayor and La Romana.

In Samaná, there were no finished data by mid-afternoon because the phenomenon was being felt in the area. However, by mid-afternoon there were still power outages.

According to reports from hoteliers in Samaná, there was no electricity yesterday afternoon, a situation that has been verified since dawn this Monday in the areas of Las Terrenas, Santa Bárbara and Las Galeras where the interruption occurred today, according to explanations of the president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Samaná, Juan Bancalari. Availability

In terms of electricity generation The Coordinating Body of the National Interconnected Electric System (OC-Seni) reported in mid-afternoon a real availability of 3,056.41 megawatts, which dropped to 2,098.96 megawatts.

Otherwise, the energy supply to users reports interruptions of up to 60% and more in the areas impacted by Hurricane Fiona, due to problems in the electrical transmission and distribution networks, due to the fall of poles and lines in the eastern region of the country.

Hurricane Fiona entered the country in the early hours of the morning of this Monday, the 19th, after causing great damage in Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe, where it left one dead.

Mid afternoon
The impacts of Fiona began to be felt in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic and in the northeast, specifically in Samaná and Sánchez.

The energy supply was severely affected in several cities in the East, for which a disaster zone has been declared.



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