Home Entertainment Johnny Depp found passed out in a hotel in Hungary

Johnny Depp found passed out in a hotel in Hungary

Johnny Depp found passed out in a hotel in Hungary

The band hollywood vampires had to cancel their concert in Budapest, Hungary, after their guitarist, actor Johnny Deep, collapsed in his hotel room and was treated by a doctor who came to the scene.

According to Daily News Hungary, Papp László Budapest Sport Arena was full waiting for the musical group when the news was released minutes before starting, a version that was corroborated by Blikk.

“Everything was set, the stage was set, the backstage crew was ready to party. It didn’t even occur to me that there might be a problem, especially since the band members had done the sound setup that was scheduled for the afternoon. No one gave more thought to the fact that Johnny Depp didn’t take part, his microphone was set up by a staff member, but that’s not unusual for such stars,” an usher told Blikk.

“All we’ve heard is that Depp was too excited, he couldn’t even leave the hotel. We also heard that a doctor was called to see if there was anything else wrong with him than just exaggerating like a rock star,” the source added.

Although the health condition of the Pirates of the Caribbean star has not been confirmed by his representatives, the musical group’s publicist announced through a statement posted on Facebook that the show was cancelled.

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