John Solis: "Girona is a club with a great hunger for glory"

“It’s not everyday, but it’s what the team deserves,” said the young Colombian midfielder. Jhon Solís (Guacari, 2004) about the leadership of Girona In LaLiga EA Sports in an interview in EFEin which he admitted that he chose the Catalan proposal in the summer because “it is a club very thirsty for glory”.

“There were suggestions from the premier And Argentina also, but the Girona I thought it was a very good project. And today that is reflected: We are managers and that is not a coincidence, but the result of work. “Nothing is coincidence, everything is work,” he added. Solis.

landed in Montilivi in the summer for a sum of more than five million euros and became one of the most expensive signings in the club’s history. He only played 38 competitive games with him. Sporty National, one of the greats of his country. “Everything happened very, very quickly,” because he hadn’t even debuted it two years ago national athlete, But despite his young age (19), he speaks openly about “taking responsibility” and “going out to enjoy the breeze.” “Sometimes things go well and sometimes not so well, but it’s a question of process and growing with the good and the not so good,” says the young Colombian who devours books and documentaries about historical figures and great athletes. as Michael Jordan either Kobe Bryant.

He is grateful to his coach Michel Sanchezwho asks for patience, and with his teammates “all very good people, all great guys” and says the word work a thousand times: “I add my grain of sand. I don’t add many minutes, but in training, I prepare well”.

Dream about attending Olympic games and to one day reach the senior national team: “It is the dream of all Colombians, the big and the small, those who were not and those who were,” he said. His first football jersey was from the national team: “the typical little yellow one, so pretty.” I admired it as a child Radamel Falcao And James Rodríguez.

Questions. How was this summer?

Answer. It was a nice summer but also very difficult because it’s not easy to come here because the football is a little different than in Colombia, but I’m in a phase of adjustment. I wanted to take the step and you don’t get an opportunity like this every day. You have to take advantage, keep learning and working because things have to be earned. Football is very uncertain and you always have to work and prepare to be ready when the time comes.

Were you surprised that a club paid more than five million euros for you?

Sure, yes, yes. I was very surprised. But he had done a very good job at Nacional. There were other suggestions, but this one interested me the most. I am calm because I have a lot of confidence. My hope is to keep working and keep growing.

How do you experience Girona’s big moment?

It’s a reason to be happy. Everything is worked here, everything is earned. The work and competition are brutal. The moment we are living in is very beautiful. It’s not common, but it’s what the team deserves. I’m from Colombia and it’s shocking to come to the guide, but it’s the result of everyone’s work.

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How would you define this season?

Incredible. Arriving and experiencing all this in my first experience is very pleasant, very good, very beautiful. I want to learn and work to add something.

Do you see the team capable of fighting for LaLiga or the Champions League?

I think humility will be the key to what is desired within the group. And play game by game. Don’t go too far, but live for today.

Another key to this team is unity.

If they hit quote one, everyone should go and support them. If someone falls, everyone has to pick them up. The group is important.

The debut was in Villarreal. How did you live it?

It was a very special moment for me. I really wanted to play and it was a dream come true. The shirt will be framed in glass at home.

They also played in the defeat against Real Madrid, their only loss this season.

I accepted the defeat like we all did, but it was my first game against Real Madrid and therefore a reason to be happy. It was a special moment, crazy. In Colombia, Real and Barcelona are very followed: six months ago I saw them on TV and now playing against them and their stars is very nice.

How are you personally? Without involvement, but in the process of adapting.

I am aware of the moment the team is going through: if a player doesn’t fit in, you won’t remove him. Here and everywhere. When a team is doing well, we have to take care of it and the outsiders, those on the bench, have to bring energy and attitude. Now I played in the Copa del Rey and had fun. I’m working on getting more minutes, that’s what I want.

Are you returning to Colombia for Christmas?

Yes, my friends are very happy for me and look forward to seeing me. You have to bring t-shirts to the friends who have been with you since you were little and to the boys. For children who see you as a role model, it is very good to be able to give them a moment or a few words. I know what it means because I lived it. Because people who I saw as role models eventually gave me advice and that’s very nice. It’s very nice to be a role model for the children who come from below, from the neighborhoods, from the cities, and to help them with a word, with anything.

The last. Can you imagine hearing the Champions League anthem?

Imagine that. I think that all the players, all the staff and the entire club dream of this. We are on our way. But you have to keep working. It’s what you want, but you have to work. It is difficult. You have to work and work. And don’t think about two or three months, but about today and tomorrow, day by day. We have to win on Monday. That’s the first thing.

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