John Abraham was trolled for promoting fairness cream, Bipasha Basu was the reason! know the case

Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu needs no introduction. Apart from acting in movies, she was also known for the bold avatar of hers. In the year 2001, she started her Bollywood career with the movie ‘Ajnabee’. Along with her audacity, she also made headlines for her relationship with actor John Abraham.

Bipasha and actor John Abraham were in a relationship for almost ten years. The two met on the set of the movie ‘Jism’ in the year 2003. However, their relationship broke up after ten years. This breakup was very bad and after the separation, they both did not like to talk to each other at all.

Along with her boldness, the relationship, Bipasha was also highly discussed due to her dark complexion. Because of this, he was also trolled a lot, but there was an uproar when John, who was in a relationship with Bipasha, started promoting Fairness Cream. Because of this, people started to question their relationship.

In the year 2020, Fairness Cream Bond Fair and Lovely dropped the word ‘Fair’ from its name. Praising this, Bipasha recounted her story on her Instagram account while praising this move by the company. He had said, “Since childhood, I used to hear: Boney is darker than Soni. It’s a bit dark isn’t it? My mother is also a brunette and I look a lot like her. Still, I couldn’t understand why my color used to be a topic of discussion between family members.

Bipasha had further said that even after winning the beauty pageant, people used to call her ‘Dark Beauty’ i.e. the dark beauty of Kolkata. While she was writing news about him, the word ‘Dusky’ was also used in the headlines. He said, “At the age of 15-16, I started modeling and after that I won the supermodel contest. At that time it was published in all the newspapers: the dark beauty from Kolkata won the competition. I used to be amazed at the see all this.

While dating Bipasha, many questions about John were raised due to the addition of Fairness Cream. John had been asked by business analyst Komal Nahata in an interview that when his girlfriend is dark, why is he himself promoting the fairness cream? On this John had said, “Look, this is the right question. When the ad for fairness cream came, I got a little worried and talked to the cream team. If you see the ad, the word fairness has not been used in Nowhere.” To avoid this controversy, John further said that people in India want to remove blemishes from his face and that is why it is called justice.

Currently, both John and Bipasha have moved on in their personal lives. Bipasha is married to actor Karan Singh Grover and John has made investment banker Priya Runchal her life partner.

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