Joe Biden suddenly arrives in Ukraine, walking with Zelensky

Kiev: US President Joe Biden suddenly arrived in Ukraine during the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed him in a warm manner.

There are two days left to one year of the Russia-Ukraine war that started on February 24 last year. In such a situation, this unannounced visit of the American president is very important for Ukraine.

A foreign news agency According to the report Joe Biden visited the memorial to the dead of the Ukrainian army in Kiev. He also walked the streets of Kiev with Ukrainian President Zelensky.

President Zelensky took the US president for a walk in the central area of ​​the capital Kiev under heavy security, during which the two leaders discussed the Russian invasion and other important issues.

The two leaders later held a formal meeting in which President Joe Biden assured Ukraine of more weapons and other military equipment in its fight against Russia.

Joe Biden said that a year ago when Russian President Putin launched the invasion, he believed that Ukraine was a weak country and that the West was divided. Turned out they were wrong.

Joe Biden had dinner with his wife at a restaurant in Ukraine and then quietly flew to Washington, although officials had previously denied that Biden was visiting Ukraine as part of a previously scheduled trip to Eastern Europe. Will do too.

In this regard, White House spokesman John Kirby has said that we can proudly say that our support for Ukraine is unwavering and the international coalition supporting Ukraine is stronger than ever. He said that the US will continue to support Kiev as long as necessary.

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