Joe Biden says that "there will not be" Russian gas pipeline to Germany if the invasion of Ukraine occurs

The American President, Joe Bidenassured together with the German chancellor, Olaf Scholzthat a pipeline built by Russia to bring gas to Europe through Germany will not come online if that country invades Ukraine. The announcement came after a meeting between the two leaders at the White House, while pressure between Western countries and Russia continues to mount over the conflict on the border with Ukraine.

“If Russia invades, that is if tanks and troops cross the border with Ukraine again, there will be no more Nord Stream 2”, Biden warned, using the name of the pipeline. In a press conference from Washington, Biden and Scholz announced that they had agreed on a package of “strong sanctions” that they will impose on Russia if it attacks Ukraine, but the German leader resisted citing the gas pipeline among the economic consequences prepared for Moscowdespite questions from the media.

Scholz pointed out that only a quarter of the energy that Germany uses is linked to gas and only part of that gas comes from Russia, because a large proportion comes from Norway and the Netherlands. Despite this lack of specificity on the part of his ally, Biden insisted that the relationship with Germany has not weakened, and that “there are no doubts about the bilateral alliance”.

“There is no need to regain confidence. Germany has the full confidence of the United States“, stressed the US president, after Scholz was considered in some Washington circles as too complacent with the risk of a Russian attack on Ukraine.

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