Joaquín provokes a triumphant slit from the presenter of El Hormiguero

Change of role in Antena 3 where the football player stops being the one who presents

Last night, Antena 3 experienced one of the most awaited moments by the audience of El Hormiguero, where its presenter, Paul Motorcycleschanged roles to be interviewed by Joaquin Sanchez. A new episode of the program that the footballer has started, since he has little time left to communicate his retirement, thus trying new things.

Not being one of the most commented moments of the week, since the interview of Alvaro Soler he also gave many comments that we cannot leave behind. Like the singer’s consumption habit, since it is flexitarian. In other words, if at any time you consume something of animal origin, you have to know its origin, so that it is not a question of bad practices.

Pablo Motos in Joaquín’s program

The worst guests who have passed through the set of Antena 3 de las hormigas

Pablo Motos, presenter of El Hormiguero, has had the opportunity to visit the program directed by Joaquín Sánchez. Where he has left his role as presenter to pass it on to the footballer. Moment in which they wanted to comment on many points to take into account, about the program that he has been presenting on Antena 3 since 2016.

Despite the fact that Joaquín insisted on getting some information about the worst guests who have passed through the set of Antena 3, Pablo Motos did not want to name names. Although he did get wet about how he feels at the time. Since according to him he affirms, after the interviews he has thought that he did not deserve even five minutes of attention.

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The surprising gift that the movie star gives after beating one of his companions

That same night, before going on to be interviewed by Joaquín, he had the opportunity to interview a world star from the world of cinema, Dwayne Johnson. Who visited El Hormiguero to present the new project that he has in his hands. Which, not to change, is full of the typical action that his movies usually present.

During the interview, Pablo Motos wanted to ask him about the possible blows that can be escaped while recording scenes of high danger. The actor replied that when that happens he always makes sure that the person is well, and then he buys some high-value item that he likes, such as a Rolex watch.

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