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Joao Félix’s improvement, key to mattress aspirations

After his great game against FC Barcelona, ​​the illusion with Joao Felix reappears among fans of the Atletico Madrid. The return to the best level of Joao Felix, key in the aspirations of the mattress set.

In the match on day 8 of LaLiga, which faced FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, two figures stood out above the rest. The first of them, which we have already talked about on filenames.net, was that of Thomas Lemar. The second of them, and which we are going to talk about next, was Joao Felix.

Joao Felix

The Portuguese, with a great threat against Araujo, created the play of the first mattress goal. The second goal of Atletico Madrid It also went through his boots, giving the ball to Lemar so that he could give the final goal pass to Luis Suárez. In addition to participating in the two goal actions, Joao Felix gave a recital of unchecking, dribbling and offensive movements, which have excited the athletic fans.

-The great slab of 127 million euros

The Atletico Madrid paid Benfica 127 million euros to acquire the services of Joao Felix. Despite having shown signs of his great quality in numerous encounters, a player of such cost is asked much more, and this great slab has weighed on Joao Felix On numerous occasions.

Fans of Atletico Madrid They hope that the game against FC Barcelona has been a turning point for the young Portuguese.


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