Home Sports Joao Félix launches ultimatum to Atlético to listen to offers

Joao Félix launches ultimatum to Atlético to listen to offers

His presence on the bench is more and more frequent than on the sports field

The panorama of Portuguese Joao Felix at AthleticIt is getting more and more bleak and this is beginning to unsettle him. The player who signed renewal a few months ago, he is no longer quite sure if he did. And is that his participation In the starting eleven it has been drastically reduced, by decision of the coach and not by its present performance.

At his young age, he Portuguese battering ram is one of the most soccer players quoted and flashy of the market, and surely you know that offers are not going to be lacking. However, in the rojiblanco club acquired several key knowledge for his present, and wants to continue in the Wanda. But if the situation does not improve at the end of the season, he will be forced to leave the Madrid institution.

Joao Felix Athletic
His ostracism at Atlético is also affecting his performance in the Portugal team.

Ultimatum of Joao Félix to Atlético

The Portuguese player has already expressed part of his plans for the future, where he affirms that if he does not have more minutes under his belt, he will ask to be sold in the summer market of 2022. The fact is that the way things are, most likely is that the Lusitanian striker changes of air next year, since Simeone remains in his and does not want to include him in his plans.

The injuries mixed with his ostracism at Atlético, have diminished his value considerably, after going from 100 kilos to 70. The attacker remains calm, knowing that he is still young and can rebuild his path. Likewise, his talent is enormous, and he can easily land on a giant in Europe.

Big bill all over Europe

It is hardly normal to see how many teams are behind the Portuguese, and most of them are clubs with history and hierarchy. Most of the offers come from the Premier League, and it is most likely that this league will be the next whereabouts of Joao Félix. From there they are Chelsea FC, the new millionaire Newcastle, and the two most prestigious teams in Manchester.

If the player reaches the summer market next year with the current price (70 million euros), the mattress sports department could ask for a sum close to one hundred kilos. Berta considers it to be a very good investment, because the player has plenty of talent, and he still has several years left in top-level competition.

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