Joao Cancelo is clear: He does not want to return to the Premier or continue at Bayern

joao cancel He is desperately looking for a new football destination, but it seems that the doors are closing. The talented Portuguese winger, who had a disagreement with Pep Guardiola in the last winter market, left the Manchester City to join the Bayern Munich on loan, hoping to regain his undisputed starting position. However, after only five months in the Bundesliga, Cancelo no longer sees his future in the Bavarian team or in the Skyblue team.

In the 2022/2023 season, in which Manchester City were crowned champions of both the Bundesliga and the Premier League, João Cancelo does not see his return to Munich as a viable option. According to reports by journalist Maximilian Koch of the Abendzeitung newspaper, the Portuguese full-back does not want to play in England either, ruling out both Manchester City and Arsenal as possible destinations.



Joao Cancelo is clear: He does not want to return to the Premier or continue at Bayern

Bayern Munich, for their part, did not intend to exercise the €70m purchase option included in Cancelo’s loan. It seems that his performance at the Allianz Arena has not been enough to convince the Bavarian club to make such a big investment in him. However, Cancelo’s future does not appear to be guaranteed anywhere else.

The main obstacle for the Portuguese full-back is his contract with Manchester City, which runs until 2027 after its renewal in February 2022. Although he is eager to leave the Premier League after three and a half seasons, he faces difficulties to find a new team willing to take on his token and meet the player’s salary expectations.

Arsenal, who seemed to be a potential option, are ruled out due to Cancelo’s determination to leave England. In addition, according to sources close to the sports management of FC Barcelona, ​​the operation to sign João Cancelo is considered unfeasible at this time.

With time running out and options dwindling, Cancelo faces a career crossroads. Despite his indisputable talent and abilities, it seems that he will have to reconsider his preferences and be willing to explore different opportunities. Uncertainty about his future continues, and only time will tell where João Cancelo will find himself next season.

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