The full-backs have begun to take on greater relevance in football in recent years. Beyond being important pieces in the rival field with their projections and offering breadth / depth in the offensive phase, they have begun to gain relevance in different areas of the field, taking into account what they offer by profiles, technical quality and interpretation of the game.

One of the names that has been standing out in recent years is that of Joao Cancelo who, after positive years at Valencia CF and Juventus de Turin, has changed his way of playing with his arrival at the Manchester City by Pep Guardiola, who has helped him evolve on an individual level and be a more complete footballer.

Joao Cancelo, Manchester City’s new playmaker

The Portuguese is a footballer who stands out for his technical quality and interpretation of the game, which is why Guardiola has given him a role more than playmaker in recent years. Playing as a left back in most games, his role is more relevant in the center lane, being a support for Rodri at the base of the play (a variant that Guardiola used to offer more solidity in the face of the loss of the ball) or appearing in the “half space”, appearing closer to the front of the area to take advantage of his hitting quality to connect with his teammates and offer more height in the inside lane.

Joao Cancelo is the Premier League footballer who has the most ball touches in the half space, an area that he occupies taking advantage of the fact that the far left is the one who sets the band (amplitude area). The space is generated from the use of the ends in the band and with the interiors fixing the last line with their breaks, offering one more vertical pass line for the players at the base of the play.

Faced with an opponent more sunk in his field, the Frenchman is a machine to generate shooting contexts for his teammates, as he did in the first goal against Everton in the Premier League when he assisted Raheem Sterling.

Another name that stands out in this role is Trent Alexander Arnold at Liverpool, who also has a differential technical quality and who always seeks to receive in those interior spaces to connect with his teammates within the area.

Manchester City continues to show a constant evolution in its game and one of the footballers who has been offering the most variations in recent years is Joao Cancelo who, playing on foot changed, offers multiple solutions in the phases with the ball.



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