Jinping-Putin summit: China joins hands with Russia to oppose NATO expansion

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xi jinping-putin in summit

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  • America’s case of sending troops to Europe in support of NATO countries
  • Russia had objected to sending troops, now China also supported it
  • Russia supports China’s objection to the US on the Quad

Beijing. Amid rising tensions with Ukraine, China on Friday opposed the expansion of NATO, agreeing with Russia. At the same time, Moscow indirectly objected to the Quad, supporting Beijing’s opposition to the formation of its (Quad’s) organization in the Asia-Pacific region. Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during the summit meeting and issued a joint statement on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Both countries stressed the need to strengthen the alliance against the US and its allies.

Russia objected to the Quad in support of China

China’s statement in favor of Russia amidst the conflict between the US and Russia in Ukraine reveals many new equations. Russia has supported China in opposition to the Quad being built by the US to encircle China, while China is supporting China in favor of Russia worried about the expansion of NATO. It appears to be forming two separate axes. Let us tell you that broadly Quad is an organization of four countries. This includes India, America, Australia and Japan. These four countries are the biggest economic powers of the world. In 2007 it was formalized as the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad by the then Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe. Now America wants to strengthen it.

Significantly, more troops are being sent from America to Europe in response to 1 lakh Russian soldiers frozen near Russia’s Ukraine border. US President Joe Biden is sending about 2,000 troops to Poland and Germany this week and 1000 troops from Germany to Romania, in a display of American commitment to his allies on the eastern side of NATO amid fears of a Russian military attack on Ukraine . This has been clarified by the Pentagon (US Department of Defense).

Russia, on the other hand, reacted in the strongest terms that these deployments had no basis and were “subversive”. Putin has said that Western countries are not paying attention to Russia’s security concerns. According to the Pentagon, the purpose of the deployment of troops is to temporarily boost the morale of the defensive bases of America and allied allies and American forces will not enter Ukraine.

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