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Jimmy case: 75 sentenced to fines for the brawl between ultras of Atlético and Deportivo

Jimmy case: 75 sentenced to fines for the brawl between ultras of Atlético and Deportivo

A Madrid Court has sentenced 75 accused of participating in the brawl in 2014 to fines of between 300 and 1,350 euros between ultras from the Atlético Front, from Atlético de Madrid, and from the Riazor Blues, from Deportivo de La Coruña, in which a follower of the seconds died, Francisco Javier Romero ‘Jimmy’.

In a sentence to which EFE has had access, Criminal Court number 23 of Madrid condemns them for the crime of injury in a riot and two of them also for attack for which they must compensate a national police force in 4,500 eurosdue to events that occurred on November 30, 2014 in the vicinity of the Vicente Calderón stadium before the soccer match between the two teams.

Of the total sentenced, 71 acknowledged the facts and also the sentence acquitted five accused of participating in the brawl after the accusation was withdrawn for two others. In addition, ten of the defendants have been acquitted of the crime of illegal possession of weapons for which they were also charged.

In this case, a different piece of the case has been tried than the one followed by the death of Jimmy, whose corpse was rescued from the Manzanares river, which they threw in the brawl, that it is pending that the Provincial Court of Madrid decide whether to confirm the file decreed by the investigating judge, that it did not find sufficient evidence to prosecute any specific person.

The sentence declares it proven that in the early morning of November 30, 2014 Deportivo fans traveled in two buses to Madrid Y when they were at around twenty minutes to nine in the morning in a bar on Avenida del Manzanares in Madrid, near the Vicente Calderón stadium, they happened to see others from Atlético pass by.

He adds that Deportivo fans left the bar and After scolding each other, they all attacked each other violently, for which both groups took sticks from trees and chairs and tables from the bar that were thrown, causing injuries.

LaLiga, which has prosecuted in this case, has issued a statement in which it states that it respects the judicial decision but anticipates that it will study and analyze the details of the sentenceespecially the application of certain mitigating circumstances of the penalties (such as those of late confession and undue delays) in case an appeal against the same proceeds before the Provincial Court.

comment that “The sentence reaffirms the actions of LaLiga against this type of violent crime in Spanish professional football and despite the fact that the penalties imposed are limited in this case to fines for the participants in the fight, it is important that this violent act has been prosecuted to its ultimate consequences.”

LaLiga recalls that it also exercises the accusation in the separate procedure for the death of Jimmy, in which it has recently requested its reopening and the indictment of four suspects. EFE

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