Jimbee, Movistar and Palma to the quarterfinals

This afternoon the first three matches of the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey football living room. At 8:00 p.m. the confrontation between Alzira FS – Jimbee Cartagena FSthe latter have made official today the signing of the young man from Malaga, Pablo Ramírez, from UMA Antequera, as AS announced a few days ago.

The match started with numerous chances for the visiting team, who took the lead on the scoreboard in minute 6 being Jesús Izquierdo the author of the goal. During the rest of the first part, the Carthaginians continued to dominate until in the minute 15 came the equalizer of Alzira, with a cross shot from Castejón. It was the next minute (16) when the locals turned the score around managing to make it 2-1. After the comeback, Duda requested a time-out, effective so that, when he returned to the pitch, Mellado scored the equalizing goal.

After the break, Alzira made a change in the goal and was Serra who came out in Porky’s position. Although the second half was dominated by Jimbee, neither team managed to get the go ahead goal, forcing take the match to extra time where there was no goal either. The match It was resolved in the penalty shootout, where they started throwing the locals and missing the first shot. Jimbee didn’t spare and scored the next one. It was in the fourth pitch when Alzira missed again, advantage that Duda’s team took advantage of to score and get a pass to the quarterfinals.

At 8:30 p.m., the meetings between Burela FS and Mallorca Palma Futsal, and Movistar Inter – Ribera Navarra.

In the first of them, the Balearic Islands put the intensity of the match quite high from the beginning, with occasion of Eloy Rojas and Saldise. However, at minute four, David Rial opted for goalkeeper player, an opportunity that Tayebi took advantage of with a turn inside the area and managing to beat Kaluza. Palma continued to dominate the match, but with a good defensive action of the people from Lugo who forced the break with only one goal behind.

The second part It started with Moslem’s goal after receiving the ball from a corner kick. The Iranian put his team ahead by two, although he only needed two more minutes David Pazos to close the gap and it was Lucho who tied the game in the 26th minute. Palma kept trying to get ahead on the scoreboard, but it did not arrive until the 29th with the goal of Marlón pushing it to the far post, and two minutes later he scored again with an empty goal, sealing the match. Burela tried with a game of five, but got no result.

In the second meeting, Rubi and Raúl Gómez generated danger just minutes after signaling the start of the match, however, in minute 4, Carlos Bartolomé put the advantage for the Navarrese. Joy that did not last long, since it was Rubi who minutes later managed to concede the equalizing goal. In the equator of the first half, he was the protagonist again Carlos Bartolomé, once again putting Diego Ríos’ team ahead. With the local group it was Drahovsky the one who put the goal of the tie and Kaito followed him to put the comeback and send the game to rest with a 3-2 in the light.

The second half was marked by fouls, receiving Kaito a yellow and being expelled Fits for double yellow In minute 30 came the fifth foul by the locals and in minute 32, Carlos Bartolomé tied the match, author of the three goals. Immediately afterwards, Pato’s box returned with an advantage of one, thanks to the Tripodi’s goal, but Ribera did not forgive, and two minutes later Terry conceded to tie the game again. The people of Madrid did not give up and Terry’s goal was followed by a goal from Cecilio, who did not allow his team to be in a draw for more than a minute. Diego Ríos was looking for a comeback with the game of five, an opportunity that Rubi took advantage of to make a double (7-4). Ribera did not give up and kept looking for a draw until the end, achieving, once again, Terry and Carlos Bartolomé concede a goal, but not enough to force extra time.

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