Jihadist show of force amid tensions in Africa’s Sahel

As countries in Africa’s Sahel simmer, a coup is unfolding in Niger, accompanied by an attempted attack on white citizens that hasn’t been known for decades. The jihadists moving in the so-called “three border area” (Niger, Mali and Burfina Faso) waste no time assembling their terrorists as a show of force.

This territory, contested by Al-Qaeda through its allies and the Islamic State (ISIS and DAESH), which is doing the same, is essential to the expansion plans of this type of terrorism and, in the medium term, has some unforeseen consequences for Europe. Ever since losing its “Caliphate” in Syria, ISIS has been looking for one “Comfort zone” in which they set up their training camps and logistics bases. Al Qaeda already has its own in Mali.

The problem is (it is absurd to look for responsibilities now when it comes to finding solutions) that the security of the area, which corresponded to a coalition of European forces with a strong French presence, is gradually falling into the hands of Russia through its Wagnerian mercenaries whose fame precedes them by their methods of confronting the populace and urging them into battle.

In a perfectly defined strategy by Vladimir Putin and his associates, after opening a northern front to Europe and NATO in Ukraine, he is now doing the same in the south, with his growing presence and influence not only in the Sahel countries but also in some parts of the Maghreb.

The consequences are foreseeable, the difficult thing is to determine the times since the Russian hierarch will hold the key to the anti-jihadist struggle in a particularly conflict-ridden area, something that has so far corresponded to the international coalition that is gradually withdrawing quotas. Only he knows what the former Soviet leader can do, but according to experts interviewed by LA RAZÓN, the current situation clearly benefits the jihadists of both groups, who always have Western goals in mind.

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The attacks in France and Belgium in 2015 and 2016 were orchestrated in Syria when the “caliphate” was at its best. They had the infrastructure and “devices” to form the cells that carried out these atrocities, killing more than 150 people in total. Now they are looking for new comfort zones.

The heads of state and government of the Sahel countries and especially the “three-border” countries do not hide their preferences towards Russia and their dislike of other countries, especially France. They have the right and their reasons should be heard. At the demonstrations after the coup attempts, there were numerous posters for Putin and Russian flags.

The problem is that jihadism continues to do its thing and to think that Wagner’s mercenaries, who have already committed some atrocities in Mali, will curb this terrorism is pure pipe dream. Rather, they can act as a detonator for a deposit for young people in the area who see no other way out of the situation that has arisen.

Since the video reproduced in this message does not contain a scene of the atrocities that these terrorists usually commit, it is a real show of force with the concentration of numerous pickup trucks with machine guns and motorcycles. the preferred means of transportation of the jihadists in their special “ground zero” in Africa.

Curiously, the coups and the formation of military juntas have been justified by the ineffectiveness of the international coalition in fighting jihadism, among other factors, not insignificant of which are economic. There is talk of 25,000 deaths in the last 10 years, including many Christians as part of Daesh’s genocidal strategy of this religion. Believing that Russia will get a grip on the problem is a lot to think about; He will become a privileged observer without anyone worrying him.

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