Jihadism: ten women repatriated from camps in Syria indicted and imprisoned in France

They are awaited before the French justice. The National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (Pnat) announced on Monday, October 24 that ten women repatriated the previous week to France from jihadist prison camps in Syria have been indicted for criminal terrorist association and placed in pre-trial detention.

These women, who were the subject of a search warrant, had been placed in police custody upon their arrival on French soil during the night of Wednesday to Thursday in the premises of the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI) . One of them was also indicted for crimes against humanity and genocide.

Forty children were also repatriated

Some of his wives have also been indicted for breach by a parent of his legal obligations compromising the health or safety of his child. In total, this operation saw the repatriation of fifteen women aged 19 to 42, whose cases vary greatly. One of them, aged 19, had for example been taken to the Iraqi-Syrian zone when she was a child. It is currently the subject of a “educational care, no element having at this stage made it possible to require his indictment” specified the Pnat.

Alongside them, forty children were repatriated with these women who had been captured in the territories of northeastern Syria and northern Iraq occupied until 2019 by the Islamic State (IS) group. All of them had until now been kept in camps under Kurdish control. The children, many of whom were born there, “have been handed over to the child welfare services and will be subject to medical and social follow-up”, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among the children, seven are orphans or isolated, according to the Pnat.

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The second operation of its kind in a few months

On July 5, France had already returned 16 mothers and 35 minors. In the meantime, the French authorities have repatriated minors bit by bit, the first stage of a long course to fit into a more ordinary child’s daily life.

In early October, a woman and her two children were brought back. In the hours following this second operation, the government spokesman, Olivier Véran, declared on the LCI channel that there would still be “a few collective repatriation movements” and “it would be done gradually”. According to a count communicated last July by the authorities in charge of the fight against terrorism, there remained at that time a hundred women and nearly 250 children in the Syrian camps.

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