Jewelry store offers bachelor $1,500 to find love

Jewelry store offers bachelor $1,500 to find love

Shane Company, one of the largest private jewelers in the United States, is looking for a particular profile for a particular mission. The company offers to offer 1,500 dollars (1,380 euros) to a single person who will have to organize 15 romantic dates, reports CNN. To participate in the draw, scheduled for January 27, each candidate must be single, of legal age and live in the United States.

The winner will be required to organize all the appointments within five months. It is up to him to choose the moment, the place and also the people he wishes to meet. The selected winner will also be required to “document each date taking a photo during the outing and writing a brief note about your experience,” the jewelry store says. on his blog.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Shane Company wants to help singles find their better half. “Getting ready for a first date is always an exciting and nerve-wracking process. We know it takes a lot of courage to put your heart on the line and try your luck with someone new,” the jeweler wrote in a statement. If a beautiful love story is born at the end of this unusual game, the company also hopes that future lovers will buy one of its engagement rings.


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