Jesús Navas puts pressure on Sevilla FC to complete an illustrious signing

The Sevilla FC board of directors has many doubts about how to act with a renowned player who has been offered to the club, but Jesús Navas has no doubts about it

After the departure of Monchi, the new Seville sports management is mired in a serious problem. An illustrious player has offered himself to the club, but for the moment he does not have the go-ahead to return to what was once his home. Some doubts that make the player desperate and that has caused Jesus Navas have to pull your strings in the Sevilla F.C. to reunite with one of his best friends in the world of football.

The one from los Palacios is aware that this great personal friend wants to return to what was once his home, but for the moment his return raises many doubts. Not for the football, but rather for the personal. That is why Jesús Navas is doing everything possible at Sevilla FC in order to unlock the operation.

Jesús Navas puts pressure on Sevilla FC to close a new signing
Jesús Navas wants to play again with a great personal friend

Jesús Navas interferes in Sevilla FC’s transfer plans

As we have just discussed, Jesús Navas is doing everything possible to convince the board that Sergio Ramos is the key player that the club needs for the next season. And it is that the camero, after finishing his contract with PSG, has expressed his interest in returning to what was once his house.

Sergio Ramos wants to return to the club where he trained as a player and to whom he has a great appreciation. The Spanish defender sees his return as an opportunity to reconcile with the fans who have supported him so many times, but who have also whistled for him on many other occasions. And he considers that this summer is the perfect time to return.

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Sergio Ramos offers many doubts

however, though Ramos has expressed his desire to return to Sevilla FC, the directive has not yet given its final approval to close the signing. There are certain doubts and considerations that must be taken into account before making a final decision on your hiring. Not because of sports, but because of the rejection that it generates in a large part of the fans.

In this situation, Jesús Navas has taken an active role and is putting pressure on Sevilla FC for the signing of Sergio Ramos to be finalized. The Seville captain, who is a great friend of the defender, has expressed his desire to play with him again and is confident that his presence in the team would be a great boost both in sporting and emotional terms.

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