Jesús Navas provokes a push from Sevilla FC to UD Almería

Monchi’s plans change with the succession of events this season

Jesus Navas it is both a solution and a problem for Sevilla FC. When it is good it is a fundamental asset. However, he has been injured for the last 2 months and his age does not predict that the future will be better. Water well was the right man for his relief but he got tired of waiting and went to the UD Almeria.

Now two circumstances converge: A Navas which has not been what was expected and a Water well who has scored 3 goals and distributed 3 assists in 23 games. Numbers that could lead to Sevilla F.C. to change your mind. Even more so considering all the physical problems he is having Jesus Navas so far this season.

Seville Well
Pozo could return to Sevilla FC

Jesús Navas forces Sevilla FC to play Pozo again

One of the options that the Seville club is considering is to repurchase Pozo for next season, since the coach likes his versatility a lot. Even more so after seeing that he is more than capable of performing at the highest level, being able to be a relay of guarantees for Montiel.

Jesús Navas generates many doubts in Sevilla FC

Since the season began at Sevilla FC, a negative impact on the health of right-back and emblem Jesús Navas has been predicted. And it is that at 35 years old and due to the high load of minutes that he sustains, it was hardly normal for the inconvenience to make an appearance, to the point of forcing his bosses to review solutions.

In this aspect they have had to diversify their perspectives and put to the task they have reached serious conclusions, they must show candidates who make this effect the one they need. With the watchful eyes of Monchi and other fields, they have managed to focus on one player, Sergiño Dest.

Betis DestinyBetis Destiny
Sergiño Dest has not just started at Barcelona

Sevilla’s option to succeed Jesús Navas involves convincing Barça economically

With that name on the table, the Catalan club has the obligation to start negotiating. It is known that they are not going to give the matter any more delays, and they prioritize the departure of the American so that he heads to another place. Among other things because it has not given its optimal performance, and because they need to recover investments to attack in the summer.

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Dest since the arrival of Xavi lost his place and from then on he has done nothing more than gather arguments to see him out of the team. In fact, it is no longer the initial solution, Dani Alves, 38 years old, arrived, took his place away from him and apart from everything he has managed to return to goal, something that he has not been able to certify since his arrival.

The staging claims at least 20 million euros

In this sense, the final offer will prevail, and if the Seville club is capable of bringing postures closer to the demands of the Catalans. They paid 21 kilos at the time, and for nothing in the world do they want to lose money there. They know that he is a young side, with a lot of projection and a level to improve in the short term.

One of Sevilla’s options could be to offer a player as an exchange, although it should not be taken for granted that Ajax Amsterdam has an offer in the works. The idea of ​​the Dutch is to put Tagliafico as a bargaining chip; subject that continues without advancing.

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