Jesús Navas leaves Sevilla FC in suspense with his retirement

Sevilla FC’s season could end with the retirement of Jesús Navas, who could be considering the possibility of ending his excellent career as a player in the final in Budapest

After a season full of ups and downs, Jesus Navas could choose to withdraw Sevilla F.C.. The Los Palacios footballer, who holds the record for most appearances in the Sevilla shirt, would be seriously considering this possibility. And it is that he considers that he could have a career end in style on May 31, when he could lift his last title as a professional.

It would be his third Europa League, which will be played against José Mourinho’s AS Roma in Budapest. He will do so after a season that began in the worst possible way for him, since he began having many problems with injuries. But he could end in an unbeatable way, because Jesús Navas is one step away from making history again with Sevilla FC.

Jesús Navas considers retiring at Sevilla FC
Jesús Navas could put an end to his career in Budapest

Jesús Navas entrusts his future at Sevilla FC to the Europa League final

As we have mentioned, Jesús Navas, one of the fundamental pillars of the team, could be contemplating the possibility of retiring at the end of this season. The player has gone through a difficult campaign due to various injuries that have interrupted his continuity on the field of play, which has caused him to consider continuing for another year.

In addition, the collective poor performance of the team, which was close to relegation for much of the season, has also influenced their decision. But most of the decision will fall on the Europa League final. And it is that Jesús Navas seems to be clear that if he lifts the title he will end his career at Sevilla FC.

José Mourinho’s Roma crosses his path

Jesús Navas, who has been a benchmark at Sevilla FC both nationally and internationally, he is at a turning point in his career. Despite the obstacles he has faced, his professionalism and dedication have been unquestionable. So much so that, after qualifying against Juventus in Turin, we saw him cry as if it were the first final of his career.

Now he only has one last obstacle left, which is Mourinho’s Roma. It will not be easy to defeat the always tough teams of the Portuguese coach, who is looking to win his second European title with the Italian team. A title that will mark the future of Jesús Navas at Sevilla FCBecause depending on what happens in Budapest, he will decide whether to extend his career for one more season or whether to end it.

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