Jessy Terrero says that no one has the power to declare someone

Given the question that has generated debate in the last month about who has talent or not, the producer Jessie Terrerowho joins as a jury on the Presidente Studios platform, responded that: “I believe that nobody has that level of power.”

The experienced music video director and considered the first Dominican to direct a Hollywood movie, explained that there are different types of artists, types of music and stages of growth in the industry, so it is “difficult to say this one is better than the other “.

“In music there are many different types of artists, let’s say that the same fan who likes Daddy Yankee may not like Rosalía and the fan of Rosalía may not like Snoop Doog. You don’t know the music that one person likes it, then it’s hard to say this is better than the other because sometimes it’s different categories of music and sometimes artists are at different levels of their growth,” he said.

“You can see someone who looks like they are 17 years old who is just starting out and you see that they are like a diamond, but they are still very young or have not found their voice yet and you see someone who is 22 years old who has more years working her voice and working everything,” he added.

As a result of her love for music and for discovering new talents, Jessy points out that it was “perfect” that they have presented her with this project, where she begins her role as one of the judges who will evaluate the participants who have reached a new stage at Presidente Studios. , which is in search of the “best talent in the country”, which will be mentored by Arcángel and accompanied by a team from the platform for a full year.

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Asked what qualities a new talent needs to have to get your attention, Jessy said: “I always look for the whole package because sometimes there’s someone who has a good voice but doesn’t present themselves well or someone who presents well but doesn’t have the composition of the lyrics. There are different things, but in this case, this program is not to look for an artist who has talent, this program is to look for the best talent in the country.”

In this sense, Jessy stated that she has been able to see multiple talents, however, not everyone has “the complete package” to become a star, although she does not rule out that others may arrive, but “in this competition we are looking for the best.”

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