Jesé on Real Madrid and Mbappe: “He will end up playing here”

That Jesse He has a pull is obvious, as soon as he has returned to direct his career he has reactivated, on the one hand, the illusion of the Las Palmas fans who want to enjoy the Viera-Jesé duo surrounded by a squad that has started the season as it had not done for a long time in Las Palmas. And on the other hand, the focus of the soccer player because of his brilliant start in the Real Madrid. Hence, his figure arouses general interest and a sample is his interview in the sports news of #Vamos in which he commented on his current state.

After that outbreak, came the injury and an ordeal that has accompanied him for more seasons than he should have. So the Gran Canaria fights not to be a shooting star and to regain some of its brilliance. “The truth is that I feel like a footballer again”. The player has joined the team that Pepe Mel commands and which he arrived looking for “Emotional stability and that is where I have now”. Something fundamental, in his opinion, because “When a footballer is stable, he will bring out the best that he has inside and that is what is happening to me”.

Return to his native Gran Canaria and play in his UD Las Palmas “It has been fantastic for me, because surrounding you with a team that I know so well, with the support of all the people who are involved in the club, both the president and my teammates, the coach, the workers. And of course the stability of the team. family, having my partner close, my children, helps a lot “.

Jesé affirmed throughout his interview in #Vamos that part of his current moment is owed to his coach Pepe Mel “because he has given me tremendous confidence and he is a coach who has great experience”. In addition, he pointed out that one of the keys is his personal treatment and that is where “marks the differences with respect to the others” He also confessed that the Madrid coach “He is in love with this club and with this land”.

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A land that boasts having two teams in the high positions of the silver category and “It would be precious if both teams were in the First Division” although as you know in football, and especially in Second Division, “you have to go step by step” to arrive competing to the day 42. Because for Jesé “Going to First with Las Palmas would be something very important to me”. And that has already tasted the honeys of success in an entire Real Madrid “who gave me everything”.

In his ups and downs by various football destinations since his departure from Real Madrid there was always a departure station, Paris. And there, at PSG, he met one of the Whites’ objects of desire, Kylian Mbappé. About his former partner he recalled conversations in which “He told me that he was going to play for Real Madrid one day. I didn’t know if it was in a year, in two years, in three years”.

Photo by Kylian Mbappe

However, he does not know how the current situation is, “It’s a bit complicated but in the end in the world of football something new comes out every day, something that surprises you. Although also knowing Florentino to know everything he has talked to him about”. Yes, Jesé predicts that “will end up playing here”, and around here he was referring to Real Madrid and about that “I’m sure. I don’t know if now or next season “.

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