After months of silence, he is making his comeback in the media. The former trader of Société Générale, Jérôme Kerviel, will indeed speak, each month, in a newsletter published by Publications Agora France, the source of newsletters such as La Chronique Agora, the Daily Stock Exchange or Personal Investments. , details Le Figaro. The one who is known to have caused a loss estimated at 4.82 billion euros to the bank that employed him will publish his opinion each month in a section entitled “Different look”.

Jérôme Kerviel should therefore speak on a large number of themes, details the daily, such as French debt, the monetary policy of central banks, the stock market or even inflation. This monthly publication is in line with the line chosen by the former trader since the revelation of the Kerviel affair on January 24, 2008. Indeed, the former market operator has since embarked on a crusade against ” the financial establishment “.

A “concerned French citizen”

Thus on the site of Publications Agora France, a subsidiary of AGORA, a network of independent companies and specialized press, Jérôme Kerviel presents himself as a “former trader repentant, still passionate about finance”. He also describes himself as “a French citizen concerned about the country’s economic and financial situation”. The former trader affirms in particular to fear the end of the year 2021 announcing a “crisis worse than that which we knew in 2007-2008” because of “the evolution of the financial markets lately”.

After the revelation of the Kerviel affair, the trader was sentenced to five years in prison, including three years for “breach of trust, forgery, use of forgery and fraudulent entry of data into an automated system”. Subsequently, the Labor Court granted him half a million euros in compensation, considering that his dismissal by Société Générale was unfair, attributing to the company part of the vertiginous losses of 2008, having narrowly missed. sink the bank.

A judgment annulled in 2018, recalls Le Figaro. Jérôme Kerviel then appealed to the Court of Cassation, which ended up rejecting his last appeal in March 2021, while the Paris Court of Appeal had ruled that the former trader had engaged in “multiple fraudulent procedures “behind the back of his employer thus running” major risks to the bank “.


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