Jenny White:

After a pleasant interview in the Listín Diario newsroom, Jenny White He revealed something that few know: “I have a terrible sense of origin (laughs).” And it is that with a smile and her lost honey eyes, she could not find the door through which she had entered thirty minutes before.

The Dominican beauty said goodbye satisfied with each of the words that had come out of her mouth during the conversation, where for the first time she shared her wishes to be a mother.

Jenny, the only woman from the previous cast of “De Extremo a Extremo” who remains in the popular television space, was married from 2016 to 2020 to Italian-Colombian businessman Antonio Bendek, whom she considers a great friend and who ” He would have been an excellent father even if we weren’t together.”

Jenny also confessed that she has investigated oocyte vitrification or egg freezing, a fertilization method that has been carried out by celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Sofía Vergara, Kourtney Kardashian, Emma Roberts, Priyanka Chopra, Rebel Wilson and Chrissy Teigen, but with regret sorry to have postponed it.

“How bad of me because it is true that I have been in the time to do that for a while, to freeze the ovules, perhaps, and program myself towards the future of having a child because I want to be a mother, it is within my life project”, he asserted.

In this sense, the communicator assured that she was sorry and classified as a mistake not having raised the issue with her ex-husband and hoping to be in a perfect relationship to start procreating.

“It is that I have always wanted to have a perfect relationship to have a child and that has been my mistake and that is why I have been putting it off for so long and I have waited for it so long and I understand that that time, at that moment, at least one child or a girl… I would be very happy to have made that decision,” he explained.

Jenny’s plan was to avoid being a single mother, however, now she admits that “one shouldn’t think about things so much, just do them and that’s it, especially when it comes from the heart and in my case, it really comes from the heart.” heart. I have a highly developed maternal instinct.”

His new role in “De Extremo a Extremo”

For viewers and celebrity commentators, due to her career and experience in the media and within Telemicro, Jenny Blanco became the main female figure in this new season of “De Extremo a Extremo” after the departure of her former colleagues Caroline Aquino and Nahiony Reyes and the entry of Gabi Desangles, Verónica Batista, Nelfa Núñez, Franchesca Astier and María Luisa Molina.

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Jenny said she feels like family and trusts in Telemicro, where she says she hasn’t completed her cycle yet, and of being in the hands of an expert in television production like René Brea.

“We know that we are going to a safe harbor, hand in hand with a person who has so much experience in the area and also so much criteria,” he said.

Regarding her new colleagues, Jenny expressed: “Excellent professionals, beautiful, intelligent women, with whom little by little I will get to know each other and form that special synergy that precisely makes people perceive De Extremo a Extremo as a successful program and that the people become fond of the space”.

Immediately the changes arose, Jenny took a different role, since she has already gone from being a simple host to being a host who addresses political issues and makes social complaints that are applauded by the public.

In the face of more inclusive pageants, remember her attempt for the Miss World crown

As a result of the opening and inclusion that previously traditional beauty pageants are having for married women, with children, pregnant women and older women, Jenny Blanco recalled when in 2012 she was prevented from participating in Miss World because at that time the current regulations of the contest limited the age to 25 years, although a year later they ordered the registration of candidates up to 26 years of age.

“We see a Miss Universe right now that accepts girls who may be married and may have children. A few years ago it was impossible to think about that, and how many girls did not see their dreams frustrated? Because they already had children, because they were already married, because of a signed paper,” Jenny said.

Referring to the case of Carlina Durán, deprived of the crown of Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2012 for having been married, Jenny pointed out that it was “a little unfair” and “I am very happy that this gap has opened.”

At that time, Jenny says that she was called “old”, despite being only 27 years old and with the right to fulfill her dreams, like the young women who are now fortunately not limited by these organizations.

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