Jenni Hermoso is protected as world champion when she returns to Mexico

The midfielder Jennifer Hermoso He was loved by the fans that Sunday the Tuzas del Pachuca of Mexican women’s football, in the first honor she receives after becoming world champion with the Spanish team.

A total of 6,542 fans came to Hidalgo Stadium to watch the duel The Tuzas defeated the Pumas UNAM 2-1 and support Hermoso, who was kissed without her consent by Luis Rubiales, the president of the Spanish federation, at the World Cup celebration three weeks ago.

On the same day, Rubiales resigned from his positionDue to a scandal surrounding his sexual harassment, Hermoso went out to warm up before the game and from that moment on, fans cheered his name.

Before the game, Hermoso received a round of applause from players on both teams. The Pachuca board gave her a T-shirt with her name and a picture of her holding the world title.

The excited player thanked him with applause.

In the stands, a poster with a picture of Hermoso at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand It spread with the help of fans, some of whom wore the Spanish team’s jersey.

It took until 86 for Hermoso to come into playa result of fans’ desires to see them on the field.

The stories of solidarity with Jenni were repeated in the stands, including that of Ana Cecilia Pérez, a marketer who traveled from Mexico City to attend the Spaniard’s return. The woman traveled almost two hours from the capital and wore a T-shirt that read “Jenni Hermoso, our world champion.”

“It cost me $11, on Wednesday we sent it to be made and this Sunday they delivered it to me.” I hope Jenni stays in Pachuca for many years to comewhere they give him the care that he didn’t have in Spain,” said Pérez.

Ana María Olvera, an elderly housewife, stood at Hidalgo Stadium for the first time this semester, inspired by Hermoso’s return to the field.

“We miss her; In the first nine days that she wasn’t there, the team collapsed.”. “She is a player who gives us a lot of assists,” he said.

Dana Martinez, nursing student, celebrated Hermoso finally receiving an honor for being world champion and the scandal surrounding the sexual assault he suffered at the hands of Rubiales was put aside.

“We need to recognize their talent; she is the best player to join the team.” He suffered an injustice and I am glad that Pachuca is trying to make amends,” he explained.

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